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For Venice, June is the busiest month of the year in terms of cruise passengers. With almost 170,000 passengers and over 58,000 crew members setting foot in the Italian city in the month of June alone, a visit to Venice should be smartly planned to avoid crowds.

In general, weekends will be very crowded throughout the month. However, one day in particular will be extremely busy. Sunday June 9 is the busiest day of the year. Seven (!) large cruise ships will bring in a maximum of 18,903 passengers and 6,477 crew members. In total, there will be 10 days in June where more than 10,000 passengers will arrive in the city.

In Venice, cruise ships are a weekend issue

The chart clearly shows that cruise ship arrivals in Venice are concentrated on the weekends. We previously published research into Venice cruise ship problem and concluded that the Italian city has a big scheduling problem. Unlike other destinations in Europe, cruise arrivals are not evenly spread throughout the week. The graph shows that also in June, cruise ship arrivals peak over the weekend, when the city is already super busy.

Venice Schedule June 2019

wdt_IDDateCruiseship_nameMax PassengersCrew
101.06.19MSC Musica3.0601.014
201.06.19Costa Luminosa2.7121.050
301.06.19Rhapsody Of The Seas2.431765
401.06.19MSC Sinfonia2.340721
502.06.19MSC Magnifica3.0071.038
602.06.19Norwegian Star2.8131.084
702.06.19Costa Deliziosa2.7121.050
802.06.19MSC Opera2.570728
1003.06.19Marella Discovery2.074760
Cruise ship arriving in Venice
Cruise ship arriving in Venice

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