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SUMMIT Ascent, the unique elevator experience at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, is currently unavailable (last status December 2023). In light of this, many potential visitors may question whether the attraction is worth visiting without this unique offering. The answer, unequivocally, is a firm yes. While the Ascent is an integral part of the experience, it’s important to remember that it is just one aspect of what makes SUMMIT One Vanderbilt special. The combination of art, architecture, and stunning views provides an engaging, immersive experience that is undeniably unique to this location.

This is why SUMMIT One Vanderbilt Is Worth Visiting Without The Ascent Elevator Experience

  1. 🌆 Unmatched Views: Even without the Ascent, the panoramic views from SUMMIT One Vanderbilt are truly unparalleled. Witness the iconic New York City skyline from a vantage point like no other!

  2. 🎨 Artistic Wonderland: SUMMIT One Vanderbilt offers an immersive multi-sensory art experience curated by renowned Kenzo Digital. These exhibits are worth a visit on their own!

  3. Flexibility: Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt caters to all with its day and night visiting options. Customize your visit to fit your schedule!

  4. 🎟️ Skip-the-Line: Nobody likes waiting in long queues, especially when on a vacation! With skip-the-line tickets, dive straight into the experience without any delay.

Incredible Panoramic Views Remain Unaltered

Firstly, the absence of the Ascent doesn’t diminish the outstanding panoramic views offered by SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. Standing nearly 1,100 feet above Manhattan, the open-air terrace and indoor lounge offer sweeping vistas of the cityscape. Iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Central Park, and the Hudson River stand out beautifully against the city skyline. It’s an unparalleled view that continues to dazzle visitors, regardless of the availability of the Ascent.

Art and Creativity at its Best

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is not just about the vistas; it’s also an artistic hub. It’s home to a series of immersive multi-sensory art exhibits, meticulously curated by the renowned Kenzo Digital. Even without the Ascent, these exhibits continue to challenge your perceptions, engaging your senses in ways you might not have thought possible. These installations, blending technology, storytelling, and creative expression, provide visitors with a unique and unforgettable artistic experience that truly sets SUMMIT One Vanderbilt apart from other attractions in the city.

Flexibility: Choose Your Preferred Time

One of the advantages of visiting SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is the flexibility it offers to its visitors. You can choose to visit either during the day or at night, and each option provides a unique experience. During the day, the city buzzes with life under the clear blue sky. As night falls, the city lights start twinkling, creating a stunning spectacle that can’t be matched. Regardless of the Ascent’s availability, this flexibility remains, allowing you to customize your visit according to your preference and schedule.

Bypass the Crowds with Skip-the-Line Tickets

The prospect of waiting in line is often a deterrent for many visitors. However, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt offers the option to purchase skip-the-line tickets. This means you can bypass the long queues and dive straight into the experience. This advantage becomes even more significant in the current times, when maintaining physical distance is crucial. Therefore, even without the Ascent, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt continues to offer a convenient and safer option for exploring one of New York’s finest attractions.

Concluding Thoughts: The SUMMIT Experience Beyond the Elevator

In conclusion, the temporary absence of the SUMMIT Ascent is indeed a loss. However, it doesn’t diminish the overall appeal of SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. With an impressive collection of immersive art exhibits, breathtaking views of the city, and the benefit of skipping the long queues, the attraction continues to provide a memorable experience to its visitors. If you’re contemplating whether to visit or not due to the temporary unavailability of the Ascent, rest assured, there’s still plenty to see and do at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. It remains a must-visit spot in the Big Apple for all art enthusiasts and cityscape admirers alike.

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