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Germany is one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations. It is a country that attracts a diverse range of travelers from backpackers to families to couples seeking a great holiday. Germany’s major cities and quaint towns offer visitors a wealth of activities. You will find a range of world-class museums, famous landmarks, and iconic festivals such as Oktoberfest. Did you know if you do not fall under the Schengen group then, you need to apply for Germany Visa?

The great thing about Germany is that you can find a time to visit the country when crowds are relatively low. Also, the variety of travel destinations on offer means you can always find a location where the crowds are small and less intrusive.

Germany ticks all the boxes no matter what type of traveler you are. Whether a culture vulture, history buff, foodie, sports fan, or beer connoisseur, you will find something to love in Germany. The central European nation is popular with travelers, but it can occasionally be difficult to avoid crowds. With a little bit of planning, you can visit Germany and avoid large numbers of tourists. So, what is the best time to visit Germany? Let us have a look.

Best time to visit Germany in 2021 for the weather

The best time to visit Germany for the weather really depends on what type of holiday you want. Germany’s mountains and cold winter weather are perfect for ski holidays. If you want a city escape allowing you to enjoy Germany’s warm summer weather, then you will want to avoid its coldest months.

May to December is considered the best time of the year to visit Germany in terms of weather, but the summer months of July through September are the most popular times to visit. July through September is when Germany is at its most beautiful and warmest. Germans are very sociable and the summer months are the optimal time for beer gardens to open with large gatherings. Of course, in the COVID-19 era, these beer gardens are places you may want to skip while enjoying the warm weather elsewhere as you explore your destination.

Germany best time to visit
Germany best time to visit

Berlin and Munich are two of Germany’s most popular summertime destinations. The two cities average 18ºC during summer. Germany can get hot in the summertime, however. Be prepared for sunny days with oppressive heat.

If you want a ski holiday, then winter is the best time to visit Germany. The country’s mountainous regions receive snow and the resorts in these towns are romantic. The ski season runs from December through March. If you fancy a city break in winter, you shouldn’t miss the famous Christmas markets around the country. Christmas markets attract thousands of visitors each year.

Best time to visit Germany in 2021 for price

Summertime is the peak travel season in Germany. You can expect the prices for accommodation and activities to be at their highest from June to September, especially in the country’s major cities. Summer is not the only time that prices peak around Germany, however.

Germany best time to visit Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest attracts around 6 million visitors per year. Prices can skyrocket during September and October when the famous Bavarian festival takes place. December is another time in which prices spike. Christmas markets are the catalyst for prices to rise in December.

The shoulder season takes place from April to mid-June. The unpredictability of the weather during the spring means that many travelers stay away from Germany. You can find low prices at this point in the year for accommodation and airfare. You can avoid crowds at this time as well.

November through March is considered Germany’s low season (except for the short period around Christmas). The weather is quite dreary in Germany in late autumn and winter. Days are cold, short, and gloomy. November through March are quiet travel times in Germany. You should be able to get a good deal on both accommodation and airfare.

Best time to visit Germany in 2021: Berlin vs. Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is routinely cited as one of the most sought-after experiences for travelers the world over. You don’t have to be a beer drinker to want to experience Oktoberfest in Munich. Foodies and fun-loving travelers can find plenty of excitement during the autumn event.

Germany best time to visit in 2021

Before even considering a trip to Oktoberfest, you need to understand that it attracts millions of people each year. Around 6 million people visit Oktoberfest annually, so it is difficult to avoid large crowds during a visit. However, if you want to experience the traditional Bavarian culture, drink gallons of delicious locally produced beer, and eat miles of sausages, then by all means book your trip now.

An alternative to Munich is a trip to the capital, Berlin. The city is ideal for history buffs. If you like your Cold War-era history, then book a visit to Berlin now. The city is also famous for its nightlife, which goes from dusk to dawn.

Compared to Oktoberfest, you can get away from the crowds in Berlin. In addition, you can book a holiday to Berlin at any point in the year. Oktoberfest only occurs in September and October. Prices can spike in Munich for the festival. Alternatively, you can visit Berlin without breaking the bank. Just avoid booking a trip to the capital during peak season.

Best time to visit Germany in 2021: Conclusion

Germany lures travelers from all over the world each year. Visitors to the country can find a variety of vacation options from city breaks in amazing urban areas to escapes to the country. If you are looking for a great time to visit Germany with few large crowds and lower prices, then book your trip for the spring. Winter is another great time to book a trip, especially if you are an avid skier.

Neuschwanstein standard route Germany

To experience Germany’s iconic Oktoberfest, you will pay high prices, but you will also attend one of the biggest events in the world. Germany is an amazing country filled with history, incredible landmarks, and much more. You cannot go wrong with a trip to Germany no matter where you book your trip for. Germany is a great destination, so book your holiday now and explore the “Das Land der Dichter und Denker.”

Popular Places to Visit in Germany

Germany is full of picturesque views for visitors to appreciate, many of them castles–the country is famously known for having the largest number of castles in the world. Especially if you are a history aficionado, Germany is a gold mine of historical landmarks telling stories of past civilizations and empires. Just a few famous castles that you can visit while in Germany include Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwerin Castle, Burg Eltz, and Hohenzollern Castle, with so many more waiting to be explored. These castles are well-preserved in their structural grandeur, communicating the magnificence of the empires under which they were constructed for far longer than the empires themselves ever lasted.

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