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I have always found backpacks more comfortable than any other sort of bag. It simply hangs on my shoulders so I don’t feel like I am carrying anything. A backpack also allows me to bring more items than a regular  bag and on top of that side pockets and other handy pockets make it convenient. 

It can take quite some time before you discover which brand or type of backpack is right for you. We have therefore listed our favorite backpacks to take on vacation. We use them as hand luggage in flight and we use backpacks as our go-to-bag when we are on a hike in nature or walk through a city. This list of six backpacks is our personal selection of good quality backpacks. It includes the backpacks we actually own as well as some other suggestions. I own The North Face Surge Backpack, my wife usually travels with a small Fjallraven Kanken.

I own this back pack now but this is not my first backpack from The North Face. I have been using backpacks from this brand since 2011. I don’t use backpacks just to travel. I also use it to go to the office, even if I travel by car. Back packs are simply  practicale whether you are traveling or not.

In my own experience The North Face is a reliable brand with smart designs. This backpack has been with me as I climbed Machu Picchu as well as during numerous other trips.

This Surge backpack has replaced my previous The North Face backpack and has been traveling with me for well over a year. I will continue to use this backpack on a daily basis until it starts showing wear and tear. Which, based on my previous experience with the North Face, will take about 8 years of daily use.

This is a 31 liter backpack that fits your laptop as well as lots of clothes. The FlexVent on the back of the backpack makes sure your back is well ventilated (meaning you sweat less). It comes with handy handles and is overall comfortable to carry. The backpack is also water repellent which is a good plus as well.

Why not go retro when you travel? This Herschel backpack will definitely be an eye catcher and the right color will make your Instagram photo stand out. This version is extra large to make sure you can bring enough on longer trips. The Classic XL backpack is ready for everywhere you’re going. The backpacks is equipped with a front storage sleeve with a clip for your keys, dual water bottle pockets and a fleece-lined tech sleeve that fits 15” laptops. These handy features and 30L capacity fit in everything you need. The Classic XL backpack is suited for both your everyday commutes and your airplane carry-ons.

Although I don’t own this backpack, The North Face Reckon Backpack is very similar to The Surge. This Reckon backpack is just slightly more economically priced while it has most of the same features. Like The Surge, this The North Face backpack comes with a flex vent to keep your back dryer on hot days. It also comes in lots of different colors which makes the backpack stand out in a crowd. The backpack is ideal for hiking, skiing or in your regular day-to-day life when you aren’t traveling.

Available in three colors, this Amazon Basics Travel Backpack is exactly what the name promises: a basic travel backpack. This backpack is ideal for those travelers that don’t need all the bells and whistles some of the brands add to the bag. This backpack has all the essentials and is attractively priced. The Amazon basic backpack comes in many different sizes and comes with a zippered laptop sleeve and is ultra-light weight.

For the more serious traveler, who is willing to spend a little more money on a backpack, the Osprey 55 Men’s Travel Backpack is top quality and extremely versatile. Osprey is a renowned company that has been designing quality backpacks since 1974. This backpack is designed with extreme attention to detail.

The LightWire frame suspension transfers the load from harness to hip belt. A mesh back panel improves ventilation and the mesh on the harness and hip belt reduces chafing under load. The entire suspension stows away under a zippered panel creating a sleek silhouette for transport. Inside there’s a mesh pocket for small items. Dual compression straps keep cargo from shifting during transit. Outside you’ll find a zippered front panel slash pocket to keep you organized and sewn attachment points to lash on extra gear. The main Farpoint 55 pack comes with a detachable Farpoint daypack to carry the essential for a hike in the hills or an excursion downtown.

We are very fond of the Fjallraven backpacks, but my wife should have bought a bigger one. This is that bigger backpack – we own the (too) small version. These Fjallraven backpacks might look basic, but they are extremely versatile and most definitely make you look fashionable when you post your travel photos on your social accounts. My wife owns the mini and that means, the backpack doesn’t fit really well on my shoulders. That is even though the shoulders I am writing about aren’t that big. This version is much bigger and will fit on anyone shoulders.

Fjallraven backpacks come in many colors and many sizes. The U-shaped zipper makes anything in the backpack easy to access but the zipper doesn’t easily open when you have it on your back. This is actually good as it makes it more difficult for thieves to access the valuable content.

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