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Thinking about traveling to Germany after the pandemic? Or have you already booked your trip? These 5 travel guides are our favourite travel books when we plan our trips to Berlin, Munich or Hamburg.

All these books are handpicked by We look at three different aspects when selecting books: best general travel books, best budget travel books and a book specialized in traveling with children. We also try to find a good history book so you can understand the culture a bit better.

At we believe that traveling through Germany needs to be as seamless as possible. That is why we also have daily crowd forecasts for multiple destinations in Germany. We also offer an extensive blog about the best time to travel to Germany.

We have travelled to lots of destinations with a Lonely Planet in our backpack or suitcase. Lonely Planet never seems to stop on giving and adapting to a modern day and age where we plan most of our journey online. All Lonely Planets, and the edition for Germany is no exception, provide itineraries for different trip lengths, give an introduction to the country and give you handy tips and tricks.

Lonely Planet’s Germany offers you relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip as well as what hidden discoveries await you. Lonely Planet lets you explore the glamour of Berlin, the fairy tale Black Forest and the romantic Rhine.

Rick Steves is an American TV personality and author of countless travel guides. The books are written for an American audience but Steves’ books are also fun to read for non-American travellers. This book offers all the information you need for a multi-week trip to Germany. Steves Germany 2020 explains how you can connect with local culture, top sights and hidden gems as well as the best places to eat, sleep and relax.

What we particularly like about Rick Steves’ books is that he also includes chapters on beating the crowds. This chapter also covers skipping the lines at major tourist attractions as well as avoiding tourist traps. All with Steves’ unique sense of humor.

The book includes information on: Munich, Bavaria, Tirol, Salzburg, Berchtesgaden, Baden-Baden, the Black Forest, Rothenburg, Würzburg, Frankfurt, Rhine Valley, Mosel Valley, Trier, Cologne, Nürnburg, Lutherland, Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, and more. If you are planning a shorter trip to Germany, Rick Steves has also got you covered with Rick Steves’ Best of Germany: with Salzburg.

The Rough Guide describes itself as the most incisive and entertaining guidebook on the market. All Rough Guides write about the highlights of the destination you want to explore. The book shows the ideal places to sleep, eat, drink, shop and visit along the way. The Rough Guide to Germany is independent and is written with humour, honesty and insights. The book helps you get the most out of your visit to Germany with options for high or low budgets.

We always add a travel guide for children. We realize that traveling with kids is different and that most travel books don’t offer enough information. This book should help. The Kid’s Travel Guide – Germany helps you explain to your children where you are going while also keeping them engaged. This book is fun, educational and engaging with quizzes, special tasks, colouring pages and their own travel diary.

While doing research for this blog, this book attracted our attention. Unlike some of the other books, we haven’t read this one ourselves and it isn’t necessarily a travel book. But this book is highly rated and we most definitely want to read it. With humour, this books seems to provide an introduction to German culture.

The book explains the surprising things about German culture and is ideal for anyone who is about to travel or move to the country. It explains many of the rules that Germans seem to follow just for the sake of following those rules.

Although this is not necessarily a travel guide either, we believe that you need to know a little of the history of those places that you visit. Without knowing the history, how can you really understand the culture or explain why people behave in a certain way. That is why in almost all our blogs, we recommend reading up on what happened in the centuries before you stepped foot in a country.

This book is said to be ‘The Shortest History of Germany’ and brings 2,000+ years of history back to 254 pages. The book is part of a series of books that are all highly recommended.

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