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Venice can be busy. In fact it is one of the busiest destinations in Europe. We highly recommend planning your trip before you arrive. We also recommend not spending too much time standing in line waiting for your opportunity to buy tickets. Most of those tickets can be bought on line and several offer fast track access or skip-the-line tickets. In this post you can find an overview of handpicked skip-the-line tickets in Venice.

Before we can discuss buying tickets, you need to think about the best way to get around Venice. You can walk or use public transport. In Venice, public transport means that you will hop on and off boats in and around the city. You will need tickets and especially at the cruise terminal, train station and main parking lots, lines to buy these tickets can get long. We therefore recommend buying these tickets in advance. You can buy certified ACTV tickets right here. These tickets can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance! You can find them here.

The line at St. Mark’s Basilica can get notoriously long. Skip-the-line tickets are a must if you don’t want to waste part of your vacation waiting in line or skipping this must see in Venice. This ticket is not just a skip-the-line tour, you will also be accompanied by a guide that will explain the ins and outs of this Venetian highlight. The tour will take approximately one hour and you will be part of a tour group of maximum 15 people.

St. Mark Skip the Line Tickets

St. Mark’s Basilica can get extremely crowded

Doge’s Palace is probably on the bucket list of most visitors to Venice. That means that the palace attracts lots of tourists. Out of my own experience I can say that I have seen lines form at the palace early in the morning well before the palace doors open. Fortunately, you can skip the line by joining a group tour through the palace. This ticket does exactly that. You enter the palace as part of a tour group and get a guided tour through the building. Not only will this help you skip the line, you will also leave the palace with more knowledge about its rich history than most other tourists.

Doge's Palace Skip the Line Tickets

Don’t waste your valuable time standing in line waiting to buy tickets

You can also choose to combine St. Mark’s Basilica with Doge’s Palace. These two highlights are located right next to each other. With this tour you will enjoy fast track access to both attractions. The combined tour will take approximately two hours as you will be part of a tour group. The size of the tour group is capped at 15 participants and includes skip-the-line access to both.

Big crowds at Doges Palace and St Marks Basilica

Combination tickets for two of Venice’s most crowded highlights.

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