8 Best Travel Books & Travel Guides Venice

Visiting Venice can be a bit overwhelming. It is not just the hustle and bustle of a busy Italian city. There are lots of fellow tourists, things work differently than what we are used to and there is an immense number of different activities to choose from. With large crowds and too many options availabe, you will have to make choices. We highly recommend properly planning your visit to the lagoon.  The travel books and travel guides in this post are here to help you on your way. We have hand picked all of these books!

Venice is one of Europe’s most famous destinations. It is also a city that has become known for overtourism. We know the city very well and have actively contributed to discussions about the overtourism in the city. Our cruise data and blogs on cruise traffic in the lagoon have been featured by world renowned media including The Washington Post and local Venetian newspapers.

Over the last years we have visited Venice on 5 different occasions during low, peak and shoulder season. During all of these trips we stayed in Venice for multiple days and used a travel guide to help us navigate the lagoon. We also took part in a food tour and had help from our hotel concierge.

We are a big fan of Lonely Planet! We use Lonely Planet Travel Guides for basically every destination that we visit. This Lonely Planet Pocket Venice is a smaller edition and is purely focused on Venice. The book comes with full colour maps, highlights, itineraries and what we like the most about the entire Lonely Planet series: reviews for eating, drinking, hidden gems and going out. All Lonely Planet books from the Pocket series are easy-to-use and -unsurprisingly- fit in your pocket. These books are small enough to handle with ease but big enough to contain all the essential tips and tricks for your perfect trip to Venice.

When we travel, our Fitbit will register well beyond 20,000 to 30,000 steps per day. We are the kind of tourists that simply walk everywhere. Venice is made for walking and this book by National Geographic tells us exactly where to walk to. The book has different walking routes for each of Venice’s neighbourhoods. The book comes with detailed maps, tips on where to eat and drink as well as site-by-site descriptions. National Geographic Walking Venice is printed in a handy format so you can take it on your walks through the city.

Rick Steves is a famous American travel author and TV personality. Steves has published strong and useful travel books for many destinations in Europe. This travel guide for Venice is most definitely not an exception. The book is written for travellers that stay a week or longer in Venice. It includes Steves’ ‘strategic advice’ on how to best spend your time and money during your stay in the lagoon. It also has an overview of top sights and hidden gems. Some of those tips even include leaving the lagoon for a quick trip just outside Venice. Each book by Rick Steves also comes with a chapter on how to beat the crowds, skip the lines and avoid tourists traps, which we absolutely recommend reading upon. Although the book is written with an American audience in mind, it doesn’t matter where you are from, you will find this book both entertaining and useful.

Michelin’s guide books are famous in Europe and beyond. These green books have helped millions of travellers find what they seek while exploring new cities. This Michelin guidebook for Venice is no exception when it comes to the quality that we have become used to from the French brand. The book offers advice on shopping, hotels and restaurants while using Michelin’s famed star-rating system to help you choose the best and only the best. It also comes with an overview of top sights to visit, walking tours and itineraries, so you can make most out of your trip.

There are not that many travel guides that only cover Venice. That is why we are including multiple books that cover the entire country. We always select some of the best books on the market that we either own ourselves or books that we want to read.

Fodor’s The Best of Italy is one of those books. Similar to other books by Fodor, The Best of Italy writes extensively about Venice and is highly recommended to travellers that will visit more cities or destinations in Italy. The book comes with a handy pull out map (of Rome in this case), illustrated features that highlight Italy’s top attractions including Venice’s Grand Canal. Most importantly, the book has indispensable planning tools such as major attractions, top itineraries and dining recommendations.

Lonely Planet never disappoints and that is probably why this brand is one of the most well-known in the world of travel. Lonely Planet Italy is a comprehensive guidebook that covers the entire country and has a special chapter on Venice. Like all Lonely Planets the book provides tips and tricks, recommendations on things to see, places to stay, places to eat and shops to go to. The new edition comes with a pull-out, passport-size ‘Just Landed’ card with wi-fi, ATM and transport info – all you need for a smooth journey from airport to hotel.

In all our overviews of travel guides, we always include a travel book that is made for children. This Venice Kids Travel Journal is easy to fill out and will be really entertaining for kids even on longer trips. Other details include: 120 pages, 6×9, cream paper and a beautiful matte-finished cover. The book will help making the trip to Venice fun, easy and entertaining for you and the kids.

By reading up on history of our travel destinations we can better understand the behaviour of those living in the places that we visit. Every place that we visit has its own unique history. Venice is probably one of the places with the richest and best documented histories of all destinations that we visit in our time on earth. This book explores 1,500 years of history and tells you the stories behind (in)famous characters like Marco Polo and Casanova.

Over the years, more and more people started traveling and overtourism became a growing issue. Although the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to change our travel behavior for now, we believe that we will travel again and that the return of crowds is inevitable. This book helps you to Avoid Crowds and is your guide on what (not) to do when it’s busy. The book includes a special chapter on traveling during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. It also includes lots of information about Venice!

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