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You have made the decision to go to Venice but now wonder what to do? If you are completely new to a destination, it is not always easy to understand what is good and what isn’t. Some tours are worth your money while others are not. This post gives you a good overview of highly recomennded Venice tours. We have been on one ourselves to check whether the reviews match the experience.

If you have not decided to travel to Venice yet, check our blogpost of best months to visit Venice. Otherwise, use our daily crowd predictions for Venice so you can avoid the busiest days of the year. Don’t forget to check our book with tips and tricks to avoid crowds

Venice: 2-Hour Budget Highlights Tour with Local Guide

Venice is a city like no other. If you are new to Venice, you probably have no idea where to go. Two hours is not enough to get to know Venice but this tour helps you get an introduction to the city in 2 hours. After that you have a sense on where to go. Good about this tour is that it is cheap. It is the budget highlight tour which costs you only EUR 20.

The tour leaves twice per day (10:30 AM & 3:30 PM) from near the steps of San Pantalon Church. 

Doge's Palace & St. Mark's Basilica with Terrace Access Tour

A trip to Venice would not be coplete without a visit to Doge’s Palace and Saint Mark’s Basicilica. The lines at the basicilica and palace can be long. This tour is not just a guided experience, it also helps you skip the line and get into the palace faster.

Enjoy fast access to the most emblematic monuments of Venice: the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica. Marvel at the impressive halls in the palace, the golden mosaics in the basilica and visit the prison crossing the famous Bridge of Sighs.

Venice 2.5 Hour Street Food Tour

Venice 2.5 hour street food tour

Venice is known for good food. This 2.5 hour street food tour will explain you the ins and outs of the city and region’s cuisine. It doesn’t stop with an explanation. While you walk around the city, you will stop at several local producers and taste local dishes, including multiple cichetti’s as well as local drinks. 

We have been on this tour ourselves. Not only did the tour guide take her time for each single participant, the tour guide actually lived in Venice. She was very aware of the impact tourism is having on the city and she made sure we were not adding to the problem. The tour group was of a good size so we didn’t block streets or didn’t get any attention. Alternatively, you can also do the Rialto Market Food and Wine Lunch time tour of Venice go on a private food tour in Venice.

Venice - Private Tour with a Local Guide

Venice Private Tour

What better way to explore Venice than on a private tour by a local guide? This tour takes at least 2 hours and can be extended to 6 hours if you prefer. This tour will help you get to know your way around the city. We recommend taking a private tour upon arrival and then explore those parts of the city that spark your interest later. See a tour as an overall introduction to the city and then explore it more in-depth later. The good thing about a private tour is that it allows you ask for a custom made tour! Learn the ins and outs of getting around, where to shop and eat and more on a customized tour.' Crowd forecast

Medium Crowds expected on in

Public holiday in destination country: NO

School holidays in destination country: YES

Cruise passengers in (nearby) ports: N/A

Local events: NO

School holidays in the following countries: Some (European countries) enjoy early summer school vacations

Cruise ships in port: N/A

Explanation: During the month of June, Venice experiences its pre-season period. While the city is bustling with activity, it hasn't reached the peak levels of overcrowding seen during the high season.

Recommendation: Indulge in Venetian flavors on a Wednesday with a delightful food, wine, and culture tour. The early summer ambiance is perfect for tasting local cuisine.

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