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About our series on Luxury Train Rides

Embark on a journey away from the usual tourist crowds and into the world of luxury train travel. This isn’t just transport, but a lavish and immersive experience that takes you through spectacular landscapes in utmost comfort and serenity.

Think of five-star hotels on wheels, complete with gourmet dining and personal butler service, offering multi-day adventures with fascinating off-board excursions.

Luxury train travel spans across continents, whether you’re exploring North America’s vast landscapes, the awe-inspiring Andes, or Europe’s rich history. Leading the way are operators like Belmond, Golden Eagle, and Rovos Rail.

Join us as we spotlight the world’s best luxury train travels. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey of a lifetime.

Luxury Trains in other countries:

India, a land of rich history, diverse culture, and stunning natural beauty, offers some of the world’s finest luxury train journeys. From the majestic palaces of Rajasthan to the serene beaches of Goa and the ancient ruins of Hampi, each journey is a story to tell.

Maharajas' Express: The Royal Indian Odyssey

One of India’s most luxurious trains, the Maharajas’ Express, redefines grandeur with its state-of-the-art amenities and opulent interiors. The train has five distinct itineraries, each covering iconic Indian destinations like the Taj Mahal, the Khajuraho temples, and the Ranthambore National Park.

From guided tours of historical sites, cultural performances, to culinary experiences, each stop promises a unique adventure. With service typically running from October to April, this majestic locomotive offers a royal odyssey you won’t forget.

Deccan Odyssey: Journey through the Western Ghats

The Deccan Odyssey, a luxury train traveling through India’s western states, offers six different itineraries covering attractions like the Ajanta and Ellora Caves, the pristine beaches of Goa, and the serene hill stations of Maharashtra.

Operating from October to April, the Deccan Odyssey not only promises an unforgettable journey but also offers unique off-board excursions at each stop, including historical tours, cultural shows, and delightful gastronomic experiences.

Avoid Crowds India Luxury Trains
Luxury Train India Avoid Crowds

Golden Chariot: Southern India's Charm Unleashed

Venturing through the southern states of India, including Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala, the Golden Chariot is another luxury train that promises a unique travel experience. The train offers two itineraries, featuring stops at the ancient Hampi ruins, the vibrant beaches of Goa, and the wildlife sanctuary of Kabini.

Like its counterparts, the Golden Chariot operates from October to April, offering a variety of excursions at each stop, from guided tours of historical sites to cultural performances and culinary experiences.

Conclusion: The Unmatched Luxury Train Experience in India

Luxury train travel in India offers a unique and unforgettable way to explore the country’s rich tapestry. Each train, with its distinctive itineraries and excursions, allows travelers to curate their journey according to their interests and preferences. So why wait? Hop on and take the journey of a lifetime.

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