Are you going or thinking about going to Aquaventure? In that case, you can save some serious money by reading this blog. We found a few clever ways of saving money on your ticket to the water park. We visited the park in October 2021 and only discovered after our visit that we could have saved some serious money on the tickets. 

This blog contains links to places where you can save money. Some of these links are so-called affiliate links on which we could earn a commission. In 2023, the pricing system changed and we wrote a new post about smart ways to buy tickets for Dubai’s Aquaventure.

Don’t want to read the full article and just buy cheaper tickets (AED 299) with flexible cancellation?

Dubai Aquaventure has dynamic pricing!

The most important thing to know about the price of entry tickets to Aquaventure is that the tickets are priced dynamically. That means that entry tickets directly sold at the park or online are not the same every day. Busy days will be more expensive than quiet days. We found tickets for sale on the Atlantis website for AED 279 (USD 76 / GBP 57 / EUR 66) but also for AED 319 (USD 87 / GBP 65 /EUR 76). Entrance to the Atlantis Aquarium comes on top of these costs. The AquaXpress fast track pass price also seems to be dynamically priced and comes on top of the entrance fee.

The images below show how different dates have different prices on the AquaVenture websites. These screenshots are taken directly from the Aquaventure booking websites.

At first glance, it seems that booking early or last-minute gives you the most favorable prices. However, there is a catch to booking early. Aquaventure’s cancellation policy is stringent. If you, for whatever reason, cannot make it to the park on the day of your ticket, the park will not offer a refund. During the pandemic, we would therefore not recommend booking early and book late. Alternatively, you can buy tickets through resellers with more favorable cancellation policies (see below). 

Save money at Aquaventure through authorized resellers

Usually, tickets bought at resellers are more expensive. In some extraordinary cases, resellers have the same price. At Atlantis, resellers are the more thoughtful way of purchasing entry tickets to Aquaventure.

By buying through an authorized reseller, you can sidestep the dynamic pricing at Aquaventure. Tickets, regardless of the day you want to enter the park, are priced at AED 269. On a cheap day, that saves you 10 AED, while on the highest-priced days, you can save AED 50. For a family of 2 adults and three kids, that saves you AED 250 (USD 68 / GBP 51 / 60 EUR). 

On top of the very welcome discount, buying through resellers will also give you more favorable cancellation terms. Unlike Atlantis, where no refund is given for cancellation, you can cancel the tickets at GetYourGuide for free! As long as you cancel within 24 hours before arrival, you get a full refund.

Aquaventure Dynamic pricing GetYourGuide overview

Save even more money by buying Dubai activity packages

Are you visiting Dubai and planning on doing more than just Atlantis? In that case, you can save even more money on your trip to Atlantis. For example, the Dubai iVenture Card allows you to pick three activities from a list of selected activities. The list of activities to choose from is seemingly endless and does include access to Atlantis. The pass gets cheaper if you buy more activities. But even at the minimal number of activities, which is three, you pay AED 448. Per activity, you will be paying AED 448 / 3 = 149 AED. For a family of two adults and three kids, this could save you up to 120 AED on access to Atlantis, which is a total of 600 AED (163 USD / 122 GBP / 143 EUR). 

Saving time, not money at Aquaventure

Aquaventure can get busy on some days. If you are only visiting the park for one day, you might not be able to do all the slides that you want to. There is, however, a way of paying an extra fee so you can do all slides. You can skip all the lines at Aquaventure by buying access to AquaXpress. By buying AquaXpress, you get an orange wristband that allows you to skip all the lines. Unfortunately, the fast-track wristband is expensive. We purchased the fast track access and shared our experiences in a post: Is the Atlantis’ AquaXpress card worth it? 

Dubai residents save money by booking at Atlantis directly

Dubai residents can best buy tickets directly at the water park as they will receive serious discounts that no online reseller can beat. Tourists however, are better by buying their entry tickets elsewhere.

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