Aquaventure is probably one of the best water parks in the Middle East. In fact, CNN says it is the second-best water park in the world. The park opened in 2013 and carries the same brand as the famous resort in the Bahamas. We visited the resort in the Bahamas years ago and decided to go to the Dubai Atlantis during our trip to the UAE in October 2021.

People give the park overall very high ratings with 4.5 out of 5 stars on Tripadvisor. After doing our research online which included reading lots of reviews, we noticed a few topics surfacing in many reviews. 

  1. First of all, the park can get relatively busy. 
  2. The other thing we read is that you should think about your feet as the ground can get relatively hot. 
  3. Third, you should bring a waterproof carry bag for your phone and a credit card so you can make purchases at the water park.
  4. Buying tickets through authorized resellers will always save you money on a day pass, read more.

There is an updated version of this post as AquaXpress got a lot better in 2022! Read more

Does the Atlantis Dubai water park get busy?

We visited the park in October, and Aquaventure got very busy. That is why we decided to arrive early, just after the park opened its doors at 10 AM. The park wasn’t too busy at that time, and you could access any ride without spending too much time in line. However, the comments that we read online weren’t wrong. The park got very crowded at the end of the morning from 11 AM onwards. 

What is the Aquaventure Aqua Express Pass?

The Aqua Express pass allows you to skip the line at most water slides and rides. You get an additional orange wristband that gives you access to a separate express line. This line is much shorter and prioritized over the regular line. The express pass cuts your waiting time from 60 minutes at some attractions to 5 minutes. 

Personally, we experienced lines that were well over 60 minutes where we could walk right in without any waiting involved. Once down, we could walk right into the attraction again. If you are only visiting Aquaventure for one day, it is the only way you can fully experience all the park has to offer. 

Prices & Key Facts

Dynamic pricing. Prices could be different.

  • Regular price (up to): AED 319 / AED 349 incl. aquarium access
  • AquaXpress upgrade (up to): AED 425
  • Towel (rent): AED 35
  • Small Locker: AED 55
  • Meal Deal Combo: AED 55
  • Opening hours: 09:45  – 16:45
  • Pay only AED 269 for your ticket.

The bottom line: is the AquaXpress fast track pass worth it?

The price of AquaXpress is high as it is priced higher than the regular entry ticket. The upgrade will more than double your costs and is thereby expensive. However, if you can afford it, we believe that the high price is worth it. On busy days, the AquaXpress is the only way to experience everything the park has to offer.

If you are a guest of Atlantis Park and can enter the water park any day at any time, we wouldn’t recommend opting for the Express Pass. If you are not a thrill-seeker and want to skip most of the slides and rides, it is also not worth it.

Where to get the AquaXpress upgrade?

The easiest way to buy the express pass is while you enter the park. You can buy the ticket at the regular ticket counters even if you pre-purchased your entrance ticket. We booked our pass, including the upgrade, on our mobile phone.

All upgrades, including the AquaXpress upgrade, can be purchased at the entrance of the park. Alternatively, you can buy the upgrades online on your mobile. Somehow, you can’t obtain the upgrade while purchasing a ticket on a desktop computer. 

Loading extra purchases on your wristband

In addition to the AquaXpress pass, you can put other things on your entrance pass. Other upgrade opportunities include towels, lockers as well as a meal plan. If you don’t want to go back to the entrance to get your wallet, we recommend putting both a locker and a meal on your pass. A towel is only needed if you aren’t bringing your own.

In our other post on Aquaventure you can read how to save some serious money on your entry ticket. Because that involves not buying your ticket directly at Aquaventure, we recommend buying your extra purchases when you enter the park. The prices are the same and will hardly cost you any extra time.

AquaXpress Aquaventure Dubai

Aquaventure tips to avoid crowds without buying the AquaXpress pass

If you don’t want to buy the Aquaventure AquaXpress pass, you will have to stand in line and wait. There is, however, one part of the day that the lines aren’t too long. That time is immediately after the water park opens its doors just before 10 AM. We would recommend thinking about the ride you are most thrilled about and directly going there.

If you can’t choose, we recommend walking from the entrance to the back of the park and starting making your way up in one of the towers offering group rides. These usually see the longest rides.