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School Holidays in India vary per state. The overview below shows the most important school vacations and public holidays. The start of the school year varies and can start anywhere between April (north) and June (south). This overview shows the larger school vacations across India in 2021 and beyond.

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Please be aware that schools in India are often not obliged to follow any school holiday schedule set by the central government. School holidays are set by local or regional authorities. Check directly with a school for the official overview. In this overview we show the overall vacation trend in a country populated by 1.35 billion people.

India is a very diverse country with different religious holidays in many parts of the country. In the overview below we attempt to show all these regional and local school holidays. Due to the complexity and diversity of India, we cannot guarantee that our overview is complete or correct. If you have any information that can supplement this overview, please let us know.

General School Holiday Schedule India

School ScheduleDateRemarks
Start of SchoolApril to JuneStart of School Year different per region
Christmas BreakEnd of December to early JanuaryDates very per region / state
Summer breakMay to JuneDepends on state

Please note that international schools follow the international an international schedule where the school starts in September and ends in July. This schedule includes a winter or Christmas break at the end of the calendar year. The overview below is sorted and grouped based on the school holiday. Our overview includes Dasara Holidays, Durga Puja, Pongal and many school vacations across the country.

India Public Holidays 2021

BakridIndia2020-07-31LimitedNational except AR, DD, SK
JanmashtamiIndia2020-08-11LimitedNational except AR, AS, CH, DN, GA, KA, KL, LD, MH, ML, MZ, PY, WB
Independence dayIndia2020-08-15National 
Parsi New Year’s DayIndia2020-08-17LimitedGJ, MH
Ganesh ChaturthiIndia2020-08-22LimitedAP, DD, DN, GA, GJ, KA, MH, OR, PY, TG, TN
MuharramIndia2020-08-30LimitedNational except AR, AS, DD, GA, KL, MN, ML, MZ, NL, PY, PB, SK, TR, UK, WB
First OnamIndia2020-08-30LimitedKL
Mahatma Gandhi’s BirthdayIndia2020-10-02National 
Dussehra (Maha Saptami)India2020-10-23LimitedOR, SK, TR, WB
Dussehra (Maha Ashtami)India2020-10-24LimitedAP, JH, MN, OR, RJ, SK, TG, TR, WB
Dussehra (Maha Navmi)India2020-10-25LimitedAR, AS, BR, JH, KA, KL, ML, NL, OR, PY, SK, TN, TR, UP, WB
Vijaya DashamiIndia2020-10-26LimitedNational except MN, PY
Maharishi Valmiki’s BirthdayIndia2020-10-31LimitedCH, HP, HR, KA, MP, PB
DiwaliIndia2020-11-14LimitedNational except AP, GA, KA, KL, PY, TN, TG
Bhai DoojIndia2020-11-16LimitedGJ, RJ, SK, UK & UP
Guru Nanak’s BirthdayIndia2020-11-30LimitedNational except AP, BR, DD, GA, KA, KL, MN, ML, MZ, OR, PY, SK, TN, TR
Karthika PurnimaIndia2020-11-30LimitedOR, TG
Christmas DayIndia2020-12-25National 
New Year’s DayIndia2021-01-01LimitedAR, ML, MN, MZ, NL, PY, RJ, SK, TN
Swami Vivekananda’s BirthdayIndia2021-01-12LimitedWB
Makar SankrantiIndia2021-01-14LimitedGJ, KA, SK, TG
PongalIndia2021-01-14LimitedAP, AR, PY, TN
Guru Gobind Singh’s BirthdayIndia2021-01-20LimitedHR, RJ
Subhas Chandra Bos’s BirthdayIndia2021-01-23LimitedOR, TR, WB
Republic DayIndia2021-01-26National 
Vasant PanchamiIndia2021-02-16LimitedHR, OR, PB, TR, WB
Guru Ravidas’s BirthdayIndia2021-02-27LimitedCH, HP, HR, PB
Maha ShivaratriIndia2021-03-11LimitedNational except AN, AR, AS, BR, DN, GA, LD, MP, MN, ML, MZ, NL, PY, SK, TN, WB
Parsi New Year’s DayIndia2021-03-20LimitedGJ, MH
HoliIndia2021-03-29LimitedAP, AS, JK, UK, UP, WB
Shivaji’s BirthdayIndia2021-03-31LimitedMH
Good FridayIndia2021-04-02LimitedNational except HR, JK
Easter SundayIndia2021-04-04LimitedKL, NL
Chaitra Sukladi / Gudi Padava / Ugadi / Cheti ChandIndia2021-04-13LimitedAP, GA, GJ, JK, KA, MH, RJ, TG, TN
Birthday of Dr. B.R. AmbedkarIndia2021-04-14LimitedNational except AN, AR, AS, CH, DN, DD, DL, LD, MN, ML, MZ, NL, PY, TR
Ram NavamiIndia2021-04-21LimitedNational except AR, AS, DN, GA, JK, JH, KA, KL, LD, MN, ML, MZ, NL, PY, TN, TR, WB
Mahavir’s BirthdayIndia2021-04-25LimitedCG, DL, DN, GJ, HR, KA, LD, MH, MP, PB, RJ, TN, UP
Guru Rabindranath’s BirthdayIndia2021-05-07LimitedTR, WB
Eid al-FitrIndia2021-05-13National 
Buddha PurnimaIndia2021-05-26LimitedAN, AR, CG, DL, HP, HR, JH, JK, MH, MP, MZ, TR, UK, UP, WB
Maharana Pratap’s BirthdayIndia2021-06-13LimitedHP, HR, RJ
Kabirdas’s BirthdayIndia2021-06-24LimitedCG, HP, HR, PB
Jagannath RathyatraIndia2021-07-12LimitedOR
BakridIndia2021-07-20LimitedNational except AR, DD, SK
Independence dayIndia2021-08-15National 
MuharramIndia2021-08-19LimitedNational except AR, AS, DD, GA, KL, MN, ML, MZ, NL, PY, PB, SK, TR, UK, WB
First OnamIndia2021-08-21LimitedKL
Raksha BandhanIndia2021-08-22LimitedCG, DD, GJ, HR, MP, RJ, UK, UP
JanmashtamiIndia2021-08-30LimitedNational except AR, AS, DN, GA, KA, KL, LD, MH, MN, MZ, PY, WB
Ganesh ChaturthiIndia2021-09-10LimitedAP, DD, DN, GA, GJ, KA, MH, OR, PY, TG, TN
Mahatma Gandhi’s BirthdayIndia2021-10-02National 
Maharaja Agrasen JayantiIndia2021-10-07LimitedHR
Dussehra (Maha Saptami)India2021-10-12LimitedOR, SK, TR, WB
Dussehra (Maha Ashtami)India2021-10-13LimitedAP, JH, MN, OR, RJ, SK, TG, TR, WB
Dussehra (Maha Navmi)India2021-10-14LimitedAR, AS, BR, JH, KA, KL, ML, NL, OR, PY, SK, TN, TR, UP, WB
Vijaya DashamiIndia2021-10-15LimitedNational except MN, PY
Id-e-MiladIndia2021-10-19LimitedNational except AN, AR, AS, BR, CH, GA, HP, MN, ML, MZ, PB, SK, WB
Maharishi Valmiki’s BirthdayIndia2021-10-20LimitedCH, HP, HR, KA, MP, PB
Karwa ChauthIndia2021-10-24Limited 
DiwaliIndia2021-11-04LimitedNational except AP, GA, KA, KL, PY, TN, TG
Lakshmi PujaIndia2021-11-04LimitedOR, TR, WB
Bhai DoojIndia2021-11-06LimitedGJ, RJ, SK, UK & UP
Chhath PujaIndia2021-11-10LimitedBR, JH
Guru Nanak’s BirthdayIndia2021-11-19LimitedNational except AP, BR, DD, GA, KA, KL, MN, ML, MZ, OR, PY, SK, TN, TR
Christmas DayIndia2021-12-25National 

To predict crowds, gathers lots of tourist data from around the world. School holidays are key to predicting crowds and are used in all our prediction models. Now, you can directly access this detailed information by simply scrolling down.

This is our overview of public holidays and school vacations in India for 2020, 2021 and beyond. We will continuously update our overview when new school vacations are announced. The public holidays don’t change unless we spot errors. The school vacations and public holidays are also incorporated in our daily crowd prediction.

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