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India ranked as the eighth most-visited Asia-Pacific country in 2019. Nearly 18 million international tourists visited the country to explore its amazing temples, mountains, and cities. India is a destination that truly must be experienced to understand just how busy, populated, and incredible it really is. India is home to more than 1.380 billion people. It is country in which people live on top of each other in houses and apartments. Major cities across India never sleep as there is always some kind of activity occurring.

Best time to visit India

From Goa’s picturesque beaches to the deserts of Rajasthan, India is a diverse nation with a lot to offer travelers. It isn’t just India’s landscapes that are diverse as the country is made up of various cultures, languages, and people all living under one umbrella. It is a mesmerizing country with 29 states and seven territories. Each has its own traditions and cultures, making it feel like you have traveled to another country when going from one state to the next.

The best time to visit India in 2021 is just around the corner. If you fancy a holiday to the south Asian country to explore its diversity, then don’t miss your opportunity to go. Of course, with over 1.380 billion people living in India, it may be difficult to avoid the crowds. Knowing the best time to visit India in 2021 will certainly help you get away from some of the tourists.

Best time to visit India Goa

Best time to visit India in 2021 for the weather

The best time to visit India in 2021 for the weather is between October and March. The time period experiences cool, dry weather, giving you the chance to explore the country in comfortable weather. Summers in India can be incredibly hot. The number of people roaming the streets and the noise in India’s major cities only add to the discomfort of the weather in the summertime. Also keep track of public holidays in India as certain attractions can be closed.

India’s size makes it possible for varying weather patterns to occur in different regions of the country. Weather patterns can change depending on the region and the month. Before traveling to India, be sure to check the area’s regular climate and temperatures.

In southern India, its hottest temperatures are in April. For most of the year, you will have comfortable, warm temperatures allowing you to swim in the vast Indian Ocean. If you travel north in India, you will experience the region’s sunniest days in May. You can also expect warm temperatures. Even when the rains come, you will have hot days around much of India.

India’s coolest temperatures occur in December and January in the northern regions of the country. Iconic landmarks such as the Taj Mahal are located in the northern areas. You can spend the winter months exploring the site and others, and you won’t be miserable sweating all day long. 

Keep in mind that India’s monsoon season makes landfall in June, July, August, and September. The southern regions of the country are hit first and the monsoons make their way northward. If you want to spend your India holiday on the beach, do not book a trip for August or September.

Best time to visit India in 2021 for price

The best time to visit India in 2021 for price is from October to March. Most people in the northern hemisphere are unable to travel at this time of the year due to school and work. Spring and summer are the peak times to visit India. You can visit the country from October to March in tourist offseason and experience the country in far more comfort than if you go at other times.

The Economic Times conducted a survey on when was the cheapest month to fly to India. Their research found that February is the cheapest time to travel to the Asian nation. February offers you the chance to save over 18% on airfare. Further research discovered that you can save 15% on a flight to India by booking it around seven and a half months before traveling.

October to March is not only the best time to visit India in 2021 for the price, but it is ideal for the weather. It isn’t often that both the price and weather combine.

Best time to visit India in 2021: Where to go?

India’s size means there are a variety of regions, states, cities, and towns you can visit. You may start off your trip in one of India’s major cities before heading off to the beach or mountains. So, where should you go in 2021?

Delhi is authentic India. It is a heaving mass of people and it never seems to get quiet. The chaotic center of the city is filled with markets, temples, and shops. Delhi is a great city to start off a vacation before exploring further afield.

The Pink City of Jaipur is one of India’s most historic cities. Jaipur is in the state of Rajasthan and offers up ancient temples and forts. History buffs and culture vultures will love an exploration of Jaipur.

Goa is the destination for travelers looking for a beach holiday getaway. Its bohemian, laidback atmosphere is perfect for solo travelers and backpackers. Families can find resorts to accommodate every need. Read more about where to go in India.

Best time to visit Jaipur India

Best time to visit India in 2021: Conclusion

The best time to visit India for both weather and price is October through March. The time period comes after the heat and monsoons have hit the country. The mass tourist crowds have also left India during that time, making it easier to get around – at least as easy as it can get in India.

You may find that the weather patterns change in the region you want to visit. India’s size and the diversity of its landscapes can alter the weather. Be sure to check the local region and its climate before booking a trip.

Once you arrive in India, you should find it to be a very welcoming country with incredible cities. Whether you want a city holiday or a beach adventure, India is at its best from October through March.

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