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You can find many resellers of ‘skip-the-line’ tickets at Dubai‘s Burj Khalifa At The Top. But these golden tickets don’t exist. The Burj Khalifa doesn’t have a priority line for those willing to pay extra: there is no Skip the Line ticket at the Burj Khalifa. We wrote about getting into Burj Khalifa without standing in line before. But we continue to get questions about this fantastic Dubai attraction. 

Burj Khalifa is a top-rated tourist attraction in Dubai. The tallest building in the world attracts well over 6 million visitors annually. Which is very similar to the Colosseum in Rome or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. All those tourists need to travel in the Burj Khalifa’s elevators.

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The best way to book timed entry tickets to Burj Khalifa

Your best chance of getting into Burj Khalifa without wasting time in line is by buying a timed entry ticket. A timed entry ticket is a regular ticket but comes with a dedicated timeslot. If you show up at your dedicated timeslot, you don’t have to buy tickets at the busy ticket counter, and there is no waiting time. With a timed entry ticket, you can get straight into the elevator.

You can purchase timed-entry tickets online through authorized resellers or directly at the Burj Khalifa website. After your purchase, you will receive a digital ticket. You don’t need to print this ticket. Bring the digital version on your phone to the entrance of Burj Khalifa at the Top during your timeslot, and you are ready to go (up).

Booking through a reseller is better at Burj Khalifa

At most destinations, and Dubai isn’t an exception, it is better to buy tickets from resellers than directly at the museum, theme park, or attraction. That is because GetYourGuide and Viator (in most cases) offer much better consumer protection. Tickets at Burj Khalifa cannot be canceled or transferred; tickets bought at GetYourGuide can be canceled for free up to 24 hours in advance. There is no extra fee at Burj Khalifa when you purchase through an authorized reseller. For the same price, you get a superior product. 

How does consumer protection work? Resellers operate in a very competitive market. They cannot compete on price, so they must find other ways to make their products more attractive than buying tickets directly. The one thing that many attractions, like the Louvre in Paris, is notoriously bad at: is consumer protection. Resellers can deal with cancellations. The small extra fee would cover the risk of having some tickets unused. 

Burj Khalifa Terms & Conditions

Booking Confirmation(s) and / or Ticket(s) can only be used once and is not subject to refund or exchange of any kind whatsoever, whether before or after the Ticket(s) expiry.

GetYourGuide Burj Khalifa Tickets

Free cancellation
Cancel up to 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund
Reserve now & pay later
Keep your travel plans flexible — book your spot and pay nothing today.

So why can resellers offer better terms and conditions ? We don’t know exactly. Resellers either have an agreement in place with the attraction, or they buy limited tickets. If you cancel your ticket, they can resell it to another traveler looking for that time slot. is an authorized ticket seller of Burj Khalifa, so it must have an agreement. 

The best website to book tickets for Burj Khalifa

We usually look at three options to book tickets for attractions and experiences. We look at the official website,, and After our comparison, we recommend booking through GetYourGuide, where you get the best cancellation policy. You can also read our full comparison Viator versus GetYourGuide.




Official Website


From 174 AED

From 66 USD (240 AED)

From 169 AED

Authorized reseller




Digital ticket




Tickets to At the Top (Level 124, 125)




Tickets to At the Top (Level 148)




Tickets to The Burj Club




Visit the Burj Khalifa as part of an organized tour




Cancellation policy

Up to 24 hours (on all tickets)

Up to 24 hours (on some tickets)


Payment options

All (Credit cards, PayPal, etc)

All (Credit cards, PayPal, etc)

Credit Cards, PayPal

Currencies accepted

Multiple incl AED

Multiple excl AED


Pay later option




Customer feedback





GetYourGuide.comViator.comOfficial Website

How much does Burj Khalifa At the Top cost?

Burj Khalifa has dynamic pricing. That means that prices are based on demand and supply. If demand is high, the prices go up. If fewer people want to visit the tower, the price is lower. As a result, visiting in the early morning is cheaper than in the afternoon. Visiting in summer is more affordable than in the summer. The cheapest tickets are sold for AED 169 (+5 AED booking fee), while the most expensive regular tickets go for AED 244. 

Burj Khalifa Night View

What is Burj Khalifa At The Top

Burj Khalifa At the Top is a viewing platform on level 124 and level 125 of the world’s largest building. By going to At The Top, you experience being in the world’s tallest skyscraper. At The Top, you will enjoy a magnificent view of all of Dubai.

How does timed-entry work at Burj Khalifa

With a timed entry ticket, you buy a ticket in advance with a scheduled date and time. These tickets you can best prepurchase online before you visit Burj Khalifa. The timed-entry tickets will allow you to get into the skyscraper quickly without any hassle. 

How long does a visit to Burj Khalifa take?

According to the official website of At the Top, the average time to visit is about one and a half hours. Of course, you can stay as long as you want on levels 124/125. 

Those going to Burj Khalifa SKY at level 148 are limited in time: they can stay on the 148th level for 30-45 minutes. After that, you can remain unlimited time at levels 124/125.

What is the best time to visit Burj Khalifa to avoid crowds?

If you want to visit Burj Khalifa without the crowds, plan a visit in the morning. Things are usually busier in the early after, and it gets busiest around sunset (5PM-8PM). Weekend days, especially Sundays, are more crowded than regular days. Monday and Tuesday see the lowest crowds.

The best time of the year to visit Burj Khalifa is during the hot summer months. Fewer tourists visit the UAE during these months due to the high temperatures.

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