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New York City is arguably the most popular tourist destination in the world as it regularly ranks in the top 10 of most visited international cities. New York City is an amazing place no matter if you are a culture vulture, history buff, hipster, foodie, or fashion diva. It is also one of the world’s premier sports towns with some of the most well-known teams in the world today.

The combination of residents and tourists makes New York City a difficult place to visit and avoid crowds. While it isn’t impossible to avoid large crowds in New York City, it can be a chore. Knowing the best time to visit New York City in 2021 can help you avoid the crowds of tourists and, possibly, the locals, too.

One of the biggest issues with visiting New York City is the crowds of people. New York’s metro area is home to over 18.8 million people. The Big Apple often tops 60 million tourists per year, around double from its numbers in 2000.

Best time to visit New York City 2021 for the weather

New York City experiences four distinct seasons: Winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Each offers its own unique experience to travelers. Unfortunately, the weather can dictate when many of the crowds arrive in the Big Apple or come out from hibernation. This also causes the prices for accommodation to spike.

In winter, New York City can experience very cold temperatures, rain, and snow. This season is when many New Yorkers head indoors to warm up. In contrast, summer is the hottest time of the year. July through August sees the city hit its highest temperatures. Although the warm period begins in June and ends in September, it is July and August that the temperatures hit their peak.

The best time to visit New York City in 2021 for the weather is April through June and September to November. The spring and autumn seasons make for optimal sightseeing weather. You won’t freeze to death nor will you sweat all day long while traversing the City that Never Sleeps.

New York City’s weather is warm and pleasant during both spring and autumn. While you will see tourists exploring the city, which can never truly be avoided, you can skip out on massive crowds of people and long lines at landmarks. You certainly won’t be overwhelmed like you would be in July and August.

September is a favorite period for many travelers to visit New York City as the weather turns from hot to warm to cool. It is also the time in which the city breathes once more after the large crowds of tourists have left and the kids go back to school.

New York Summer
New York Summer

Best time to visit New York City in 2021 for price

While the best time to visit New York City in 2021 for weather is in the spring or autumn, the best time to stay is different. Winter is the best time to visit New York City in 2021 for price. More specifically, January and February are the ideal times to experience the Big Apple for the best deals on accommodation.

Winter is the offseason for travel due to New York City’s cold temperatures. January experiences month-long temperatures near the freezing-mark. This keeps travelers away in droves. However, cold January temperatures and snow are not the only thing that keep travelers at bay.

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Travelers and crowds are less post-Christmas due to money often being shorter to come by than pre-Christmas. New York City experiences a lot of tourism pre-Christmas. The lights, Time Square, Rockefeller Christmas Tree, and ice skating under the stars attract millions of people each year. If you want to avoid the crowds, then skip New York City in December (as well as July and August) and visit in January and February for fewer people and cheaper deals on accommodation.

Best time to visit New York City in 2021: Which borough to base your stay?

In 1898, New York City as we know it was formed when the five boroughs came together to form the Big Apple. Each borough offers its own exciting tourist adventures, sites, restaurants and bars, and accommodation. New York City is made up of Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. All five boroughs have their own districts, neighborhoods, and areas that are must-see.

Most travelers want to stay in the heart of the city. Manhattan offers some of the best accommodation, restaurants, and sites on a visit. The borough is pricey, so be prepared to pay for the location. Manhattan has a lot of the sites you are going to want to see. If you don’t want to commute each day on public transport, then it may be wise to spend a little extra and enjoy the full New York City experience.

Travelers on a budget should chose Queens, which is a little further out of downtown. If you don’t mind commuting, Queens can offer value for money. Accommodation like Airbnb properties should be plentiful in New York City. The hipster haven of Brooklyn is likely to be filled with great Airbnb accommodation. Staying in an Airbnb can limit your contact with crowds when visit the Big Apple.

Best time to visit New York City in 2021: Conclusion

New York City is one of those travel destinations you must visit at least once in your lifetime. It is a unique city. Just a few mega-tropolis cities like it exist in the world. New York City has history, culture, cuisine, world-famous landmarks, and much more to suit even the most jaded traveler.

If you are looking for the best time to visit New York City in 2021, then visit the iconic city from April to June or September to November. Not only will you miss the large crowds of tourists, but you will save money on flights, accommodation, and more. For true savings on a visit, the best time to visit New York City in 2021 in January and February. Whichever time you decide to visit the City that Never Sleeps, you won’t regret experiencing the five boroughs.

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