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Visiting new countries, exploring unique places and trying new cuisines is a great way to spend a holiday filled with fantastic experiences and happy moments. Very often, however, our dream vacation can be interrupted or even ruined by massive crowds of fellow tourist. People end up wasting time as they are lining to enter a museum, cannot reserve their chosen holiday as it is already fully booked, etc.

COVID has brought all these overtourism problems to an abrupt halt. Although not a much is known about 2021 and whether we can travel again, there is one thing that is unlikely to immediately return after the pandemic: massive crowds of tourists. Don’t get us wrong. Crowds will be back. It will just take a while for the travel industry to recover and that means 2021 will be a unique year where we can (probably) freely travel but don’t do it as massively as before the pandemic. 2021 will be a unique travel year and we have listed the top 6 European destinations to visit immediately after Covid-19:


Italy has been welcoming tourists again since June 2020
Italy has been welcoming tourists again since June 2020

Italy was certainly one of the countries that was affected the most during the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. At the end of May, Italy opened its borders again for tourists but most stayed away. This gives a unique opportunity to visit some cities normally heavily affected by overtourism.

Venice, often considered to be one of the most romantic destinations in the world, for example, is now free of cruise ships and the cities are not 100% packed like before the pandemic. It is not just the crowds that are gone! Rome, on the other hand, that was visited by millions of tourists every year, has noticed a significant decrease in air pollution. Not only will you be able to enjoy the fresh air, but you will also get to see the iconic Colosseum and the ancient Pantheon without the crowds if you plan a holiday after coronvirous. Make sure to add Italy to your travel list as it will be one of the top European destinations to visit immediately after Covid-19.


Greece can get very crowded in peak season
Greece can get very crowded in peak season

Another widely popular European destination, especially during the summer is Greece. Tourists looking forward to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the hot summer days, plan their dream holiday to the country between June and August. As a result, those who prefer avoiding the crowds end up being highly disappointed from their Greek vacation. As soon as it is safe to travel again, after the pandemic, however, Greece will be one of the best European destinations to be visited! By introducing a number of entry regulations, the county has also been an excellent example showing how the safety of the visitors should be considered at a high priority.


Mont Saint-Michel - Normandy France
Mont Saint-Michel – Normandy France

France is the most popular destinations in the world. Massive crowds are flocking to Paris every year as people are planning a romantic spring or summer getaway. Hence, the top tourist sights such as The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Disneyland and the Palace of Versailles get too crowded for vistiors to be able to truly experience the magic of the French capital. Regardless, if you would like to stroll down the streets of the romantic Paris, or if you prefer to head to the countryside and experience the colorful lavender fields, make sure to add France to your bucket list, as it is going to be one of the top places to visit immediately after the pandemic.

Czech Republic

Prague is normally a very crowded tourist destination
Prague is normally a very crowded tourist destination

If you have been dreaming of visiting the medieval towns with narrow cobblestone streets and stunning architecture of Czech Republic, you should start planning now, as this will be one of the best European destinations after the pandemic. The iconic Charles Bridge and the picturesque Old Town Square in Prague, for example, have always been packed with tourists, making it extremely difficult to fully experience the unique atmosphere of the capital. Add it to the list, though, as the period immediately after the Covid-19 will be the best time to visit Czech Republic.


Iceland - Avoid Crowds
Iceland – Avoid Crowds

One of the European countries, which have been able to successfully deal with the Covid-19 situation was Iceland. Despite having just a few hundred cases, Iceland was very quick to introduce serious measures and requirements when it comes to tourists visiting the country. Additionally, as one of the Nordic countries with fabulous sights, such as geothermal lagoons, beautiful waterfalls, active geysers and stunning glaciers, Iceland deserves to be part of your travel bucket list. If you are looking for a true adventure and a more secluded holiday, where you will be able to socially distance yourself from others, Iceland is a fantastic choice!


Malta - Avoid Crowds
Malta – Avoid Crowds

The small Maltese archipelago situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea has been receiving much more attention by tourists during the last few years, especially with the number of Game of Thrones scenes filmed across the three islands. With its small territory of just 316 sq km, however, the country gets too crowded, in order to be able to enjoy a relaxing and laid-back vacation. The country was also able to minimize the spread of the virus by promptly introducing serious pandemic measures. As Malta will be slowly starting to open up for visitors, you should plan a holiday there, as this will be one of the best European destinations to visit post Covid-19.

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