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Europe is among the world’s best sailing hotspots. Each corner of the continent offers something unique for different tastes. Venturing up Scandinavian fjords, navigating around the UK or exploring Portugal’s Atlantic coast, you can see some spectacular sights.

Many would argue that nothing can quite beat sailing the Mediterranean. As a region that connects three continents, the experiences that you can enjoy both on land and at sea are unrivalled.

Why the Mediterranean?

The Mediterranean Sea spans from the Strait of Gibraltar in the west to the coasts of Lebanon and Israel in the east. The diverse range of cultures surrounding it provides a stunning backdrop against which to explore by sea.

You can’t forget the climate, which is relatively mild in the winter and gorgeous in the summer. You’ll regularly see temperatures in excess of 30 degrees in peak months, with pleasant temperatures in the few months before and after. This means that the region is suitable for sailing most of the year.

One of the best features of sailing in the Mediterranean is the close proximity to many fantastic locations. You can easily hop from island to island or coastline to coastline, soaking up the rays and immersing yourself in intriguing culture as you go.

If you’re planning on setting sail around the Mediterranean, prepare your boat and consider any yacht insurance that may be suitable to give you some peace of mind as you cruise.

Where to sail in the Mediterranean

Cyclades Islands

Santorini, Mykonos and many others are part of the Cyclades, which is a stunning group of islands off the coast of Greece. Famed for their iconic white houses, ancient heritage and crystal blue waters, sailing around these islands can feel like a dream come true.

There are over 200 islands to explore, or you can stick to a few of your favourites – it’s completely up to you.

French Riviera

One of the most notorious yachting locations around the world, the French Riviera is a favourite of the rich and famous. You’re almost guaranteed to see super-yachts in the marinas of Monaco and Saint-Tropez, as you bask in your own slice of luxury.

The south of France is steeped in art, culture and history. It’s a glamorous location, where you’ll find food and drinks of the highest quality when you step onto the shore.

Amalfi Coast

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is another spectacular option. The coastline is wild and rugged, dotted with extraordinarily beautiful towns and villages. You’ll find some of the most exquisite cuisine in the world, with a variety of meat, seafood and classical Italian dishes.

The culture is also second to none. You can explore the ruins of Pompeii up the coast or just absorb the rural Italian life.

Dalmatian Coast

Croatia’s answer to the above is the Dalmatian Coast, which has a lot to offer. Clear blue water, remarkable walled cities and lively nightlife make it an up-and-coming spot for sailing in the Mediterranean.

There are a plethora of islands to navigate, such as Hvar, which offers a striking balance between medieval architecture, unbelievable beaches and gorgeous scenery.

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