You are currently viewing Venice Cruise Ship Schedule – February & March 2020

In February and March only a few cruise ships are scheduled to arrive in Venice. A total of 12,000 cruise ship passengers is scheduled to set foot in Venice during these two months. That is similar to a slow weekend day in May or June. For our cruise ship overviews we only take those cruise ships into consideration that have a capacity of at least 500 passengers.

Only two large ships are scheduled to come to Venice in March: Costa Luminosa and Costa Victoria. In February not a single large ship with 1,000 passengers or more are scheduled to arrive in Venice. You can find our full 2020 cruise ship schedule here. We also use the cruise ships schedule in our daily crowd predictions for Venice.

DateTime of ArrivalTime of departureShipMax passengersCrew
01.02.2008:0018:00Spirit of Discovery999530
02.02.20N/A N/ASpirit of Discovery999530
25.03.20 N/A17:00Costa Luminosa27121050
28.03.2007:00 N/ACosta Victoria2314820
29.03.2009:00 N/ACosta Luminosa27121050
31.03.2009:00 N/ACosta Victoria2314820

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