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In April 2020, 13 different cruise ships will bring a total of 60,836 passengers and over 20,000 crew members to Venice, Italy. In total these 13 cruise ships will arrive in Venice 27 times on 16 different days. Venice is the first moth of the city’s busy cruise ship season. In addition, we also have the full 2020 Venice Cruise Ship Schedule.

Similar to 2019, cruise arrivals in Venice are not equally spread throughout the week. In April, the cruise schip scheduling problem in Venice is back. Over 50% of all cruise ship passengers arriving in April will arrive on Sundays. The second busiest day of the week for Venice’s cruise port is Saturday with about 20% of all monthly arrivals. As a result, 70% of all cruise passengers arriving in Venice in April 2020 will arrive on days that are already busy with day trippers: weekends.

Coronavirus and overtourism

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently generating headlines across the world. We are now keeping track of all tourist attractions closing down or taking measures.

Venice Cruise Ship Schedule 2020 – April

DateDate of departureTime of departureShipMax passengersCrew
01.04.20Viking Sky930465
04.04.2004.04.2016:30MSC Sinfonia2340721
05.04.2005.04.2017:00Costa Luminosa27121050
06.04.20Viking Sea930465
10.04.2010.04.2017:00Costa Victoria2314820
10.04.20Costa Mediterranea2537920
11.04.20MSC Sinfonia2340721
12.04.2012.04.2017:00Costa Luminosa27121050
14.04.2014.04.2017:00Costa Victoria2314820
16.04.20MSC Musica30601014
18.04.2018.04.2016:30MSC Sinfonia2340721
19.04.20Costa Luminosa27121050
19.04.20MSC Musica30601014
24.04.2024.04.2023:00Silver Spirit648412
24.04.2024.04.20Viking Sea930465
25.04.2025.04.2017:00Costa Victoria2314820
25.04.2025.04.2016:30MSC Sinfonia2340721
26.04.2026.04.2016:30MSC Opera2570728
26.04.20Costa Deliziosa27121050
26.04.2026.04.2017:00Costa Luminosa27121050
26.04.2026.04.2016:30MSC Musica30601014

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