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Avoid crowds with the 2020 cruise ship schedule for Venice, Italy. In the table below you can see which cruise ships will visit Venice on what day. The overview also includes passengers numbers and the number of crew members on each ship. The table is interactive. You can use the date filters to select dates. After editing the dates, the table will automatically calculate the sum of crew members and cruise passengers numbers based on your filters.

2020 Venice Cruise Schedule

wdt_IDBase dateShipMax passengersCrew
105.01.20Costa Deliziosa2.7121.050
201.02.20Spirit of Discovery1.000530
325.03.20Costa Luminosa2.7121.050
429.03.20Costa Luminosa2.7121.050
501.04.20Viking Sky930465
604.04.20MSC Sinfonia2.340721
705.04.20Costa Luminosa2.7121.050
906.04.20Viking Sea930465
1010.04.20Costa Mediterranea2.537920
Base date
∑ = 21.085 ∑ = 7.908

We also have daily crowd predictions for Venice. Our daily crowd predictions take more data into consideration than only cruise passengers. Our Avoid Crowds score includes Italian and European school vacations, holidays and local events. In addition, you can access an overview of school vacations and public holidays in Italy here.

2020 Venice cruise ship numbers

In total 53 cruise ships are scheduled to arrive in Venice. These 53 cruise ships will visit the lagoon 523 times. In total, these 523 visits will bring a maximum of 1,225,686 cruise passengers to Venice. In our overview of Europe´s busiest cruise ports, Venice ranks 7th. In our overview of Europe´s busiest cruise ports in 2019, Venice had a lower position and was ranked 9th.

Despite recent controversies, the number of arriving cruise passengers in Venice is increasing. Compared to 2019, Venice will see an increase of 17.95% cruise passengers. Similar to 2019, where we identified a big scheduling problem for Venice, most cruise ships will arrive during weekends.

Busiest cruise months in 2020

The truly busy cruise season in Venice starts in May and peaks in August. From May until October, more than 160,000 cruise passengers will arrive in Venice each month. During winter, the total number of cruise passengers drops to almost zero. Noteworthy is the relatively large number of cruise passengers arriving late in the season. October is the third busiest cruise month of the year. During the regular European peak season, from June to August, Venice will see almost half a million arriving cruise passengers.

There will be 54 days in 2020 where more than 10,000 passengers will arrive in the Venetian lagoon. Most of these days will be during peak season and almost exclusively during the weekends. On 19 days, Venice will see more than 15,000 arriving cruise passengers. Again, most of these days are during peak season.

The busiest day of the year is August 23 2020. On this summer Sunday, seven large cruise ships are scheduled to arrive in Venice. These seven ships will bring a total of 18,763 cruise passengers to the city. Other extremely busy days include May 10, also a Sunday, with 8 ships bringing 18,393 cruise passengers. Sunday June 14 will also be a busy day as 8 ships will bring a total of 18,304 passengers. Like 2019, most busy days will be Saturdays or Sundays. If someone asks you on what days cruise ships will visit Venice, weekends would be the correct answer.

Cruise ships in Venice in 2020

The biggest cruise ships coming to Venice in 2020 are MSC Musica (3,060 passengers), MSC Orchestra (3,060 passengers) and MSC Magnifica (3,007). Each of these ships are scheduled to dock in Venice 29 times bringing a combined total of 264,683 passengers to the lagoon. Norwegian Dawn (2,808 passengers) and Costa Deliziosa (2,712 passengers) complete the top 5.

The ship with the most port calls will also bring the largest number of passengers to Venice. The Costa Deliziosa is already one of the bigger ships coming to Venice but it’s also the ship that is scheduled to visit the port most frequently. In total, the Costa Deliziosa, with a maximum capacity of 2,712 passengers, will visit Venice 37 times in 2020. As a result the Costa Deliziosa is scheduled to bring over 100,000 cruise passengers to Venice.

Cruise ship in Venice
Venice Cruise Ship

With six ships, MSC Crociere (Italian for MSC Cruise Lines) is set to bring most passengers to Venice. In total these MSC ships will bring 475,770 passengers to the crowded city. As a result the Italian cruise line is responsible for about 39% of all cruise passengers coming to Venice in 2020. The only other cruise line that comes close to these numbers is Costa Crociere (Italian for Costa Cruise Lines) with about 18% of all cruise passengers.

You can play with the table below. If you filter by the number of stops and the sum of cruise passenger each ship brings to Venice, you can clearly see the impact each ship is expected to have. As you can see there are two factors that determine the impact of a ship on Venice: the size of the ship, measured in cruise passengers, and the number of scheduled arrivals. Size matters but the number of port calls matters as well! For the best experience it’s best to play with the table on a computer or tablet.

2020 Venice Cruise ship details

wdt_IDCruise shipCruise ship max occupancySum of passengersNumber of port calls
1Costa Deliziosa2.712100.34437
2Costa Luminosa2.71292.20834
3MSC Musica3.06088.74029
4MSC Orchestra3.06088.74029
5MSC Magnifica3.00787.20329
6Norwegian Dawn2.80875.81627
8MSC Opera2.57074.53029
9MSC Sinfonia2.34072.54031
10MSC Lirica2.37164.01727
Cruise shipCruise ship max occupancySum of passengersNumber of port calls
∑ = 819.138 ∑ = 302

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