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Navigating the enchanting waters of Ibiza and Formentera can be an adventure of a lifetime. The all-inclusive boat trip, operated by the Ibiza Boat Club, invites you to embark on this journey, promising a myriad of unforgettable experiences. From engaging water activities to traditional Spanish cuisine and leisurely beach exploration, here’s why this boat trip is worth considering:

Five reasons to book an Ibiza All-Inclusive Boat Tour

⛵ All-Inclusive Voyage: This trip is packed with inclusive features like water toys, paddleboards, sunbeds, and delicious Spanish food.
🍽️ Authentic Local Cuisine: You’ll enjoy traditional Spanish delicacies, such as Paella Ibicenca, with both meat and vegan options available.
🏖️ Free Time on Formentera Island: You’ll have five hours of freedom to explore Formentera island at your own pace.
💦 Swim Stop: Take a plunge into the crystalline waters at one of Formentera’s renowned beaches.
🌅 Sunset Dinner: End the day with a picturesque sunset dinner on the boat, accompanied by local wine tasting.

Is the All-Inclusive Boat Trip in Ibiza Worth It?

⛵ All-Inclusive Voyage

This boat trip provides an immersive all-inclusive experience. The journey begins with a sailing tour from Playa d’en Bossa beach in Ibiza, during which you can soak up views of the Las Salinas nature reserve. The boat serves as a floating beach club, equipped with sunbeds, sofa lounges, and an array of water toys and paddleboards, giving you a plethora of options to enjoy your time at sea.

🍽️ Authentic Local Cuisine

The all-inclusive boat trip in Ibiza goes beyond traditional tourism by incorporating a rich gastronomic experience. During the tour, you’ll get to savor local delights, such as Paella Ibicenca, available in both chicken and vegan versions. The dining experience extends to a wine tasting event, allowing you to sample a selection of Spanish and Balearic wines.

🏖️ Free Time on Formentera Island

An integral part of this boat trip is the free time allotted to explore Formentera Island. Whether you wish to rent a scooter, shop at the hippie market, lounge on the white Ses Illetes beach, or visit the Far de la Mola lighthouse, the choice is entirely yours. This freedom to explore at your own pace enriches the overall island experience.

💦 Refreshing Swim Stop

A swim stop at one of Formentera’s beautiful beaches offers a refreshing break from the day’s activities. This opportunity to dive into the azure sea, swim alongside the superyachts, and frolic with the available water toys adds an adventurous edge to the boat trip.

🌅 Memorable Sunset Dinner

The trip culminates with a stunning sunset dinner. As the golden sun dips below the horizon, you’ll be treated to a live cooking show, where your dinner is prepared fresh. The ambiance of this closing event, accompanied by a Café Caleta Show Cooking experience, brings a perfect end to the day.

In conclusion, our review finds the All-Inclusive Boat Trip in Ibiza to be a well-spent investment. With its combination of leisure, adventure, local culinary experiences, and free exploration time, this boat trip offers substantial value for anyone looking to enrich their Ibiza experience. Hop aboard this aquatic adventure today and delve into the magic of Ibiza and Formentera!

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