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We all know the feeling when we are trying to visit one of the popular tourist destinations and enjoy the views or architecture but feel just like we are in the middle of a rock concert. Now, it’s not only about striving for peace but also a natural human necessity to enjoy things and have some personal space left. Most people will claim that it always comes with a higher price tag, which is not always possible. When you are a student with a limited budget, paying an extra price might seem impossible. Luckily, there are still several ways to avoid crowds, even in tourist spots!

Tips on How to Avoid Crowds at Tourist Destinations for Students on a Budget

– Off and On Season Trick. 

Some places are always crowded during the high season. Remember that we are not talking about visiting the beaches in summer because the same formula works for most museums and exhibitions. Take your time to talk to the locals and learn about the off-and-on seasons. During the off-season, you can get special student discounts as the destinations are relatively quieter, so there is no crowd in most cases! 

– Timing Always Matters. 

Time is everything, not only when you have to submit an important assignment but also when you are visiting various tourist destinations. Some places are always busy when it gets late as people celebrate all night long, while others are mostly busy during the dinner break times. Of course, it always depends on the place and your following where the crowd goes. Take your time to stop and enjoy the scenery! Do not just follow the crowd blindly if you wish to avoid it! Now, if you are a student stuck with some task that affects your daily schedule, consider typing write my essays, and talking to an expert about your challenges. Once you have all things done, you can easily travel even on a budget and plan your time accordingly! 

– Consider Lesser-Known Locations. 

While it’s always good to follow the list of the most popular tourist destinations, act wiser and choose those locations that are lesser known! As the practice shows, most locals will know where to go to avoid crowds and will happily tell you if you show some respect and if your positive attitude shines through. Sometimes learning a few phrases in a foreign language can be of help. Seeing that you are a student, most people will be happy to assist! 

– Google’s “Popular Times” Feature. 

It’s an old feature that has been offered by Google, yet not many people actually use it if it’s not related to traffic jams. It’s a special crowd calendar that can help you learn when to visit some museum or book a seat at a popular restaurant. While this feature is not used for every single location you may wish to explore, most destinations in Europe support this feature. Just take your time to look up this or that place on Google, and you will spot the “crowd meter” feature. Now, what happens when everyone sees that? You are the one to tell! 

Why Group Tours Feel Different 

You might not consider this option as someone who wishes to avoid crowds per se, yet it’s not the same thing! The secret trick here is that you are dealing with a fixed group of people who are visiting certain destinations for the same purpose and already know what they are there for. It makes a world of difference as the discipline kicks in, and you already have a certain space reserved for you as a group. There are also other benefits, as you can ask questions, cooperate, and make new friends. Most importantly, it helps to cut costs and avoid the trouble of being the only person wishing to have some peace! 


Ruby loves to travel as she appreciates her personal space while studying the best ways to avoid crowds. As an educator and entertainment explorer, she loves to write and share her bright findings. Follow Ruby to unfold your creativity and find inspiration beyond the noisy crowds! 

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