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Traveling smart isn’t just about finding the best deals, it’s also about uncovering hidden treasures and truly immersing yourself in the local culture. With this 2-hour small-group walking tour of Pisa, you’ll get a unique experience that checks all those boxes.

Why Choose This Walking Tour?

  • 🕵️‍♀️ Uncover Hidden Gems: Get an insider’s view of Pisa and discover secret gems that you won’t find in typical tourist guides.
  • 📚 Engage with Pisan History and Culture: Learn about the history, culture, and daily life of Pisa through your local guide’s knowledgeable insights.
  • 💰 Incredible Value for Money: With a reasonable price and rich experiences, this tour offers excellent value for money.
  • 🤝 Small Group Experience: Limited to a maximum of 15 people, enjoy a more intimate and interactive tour experience.
  • 📌 Convenient Meeting and Ending Points: Start at the Pisa Centrale train station and end at the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Step Off the Beaten Path

Instead of limiting your sightseeing to the star attractions, this walking tour introduces you to the city’s lesser-known spots. Explore the city’s four main districts, delve into the hidden lanes, and immerse yourself in the Pisan culture. From the lively Corso Italia to the Medieval heart of Pisa at Borgo Stretto, you’ll get a complete Pisan experience.

Get Under the Skin of Pisa

Your local guide will lead you through Pisa’s history and culture, giving you an understanding of its past and a glimpse of its present. You’ll visit the impressive mural by Keith Haring, walk along the beautiful Arno Riverbanks, and soak in the atmosphere of Piazza die Cavalieri.

Enjoy a Leisurely-Paced Tour

This 2-hour walking tour is conducted at a leisurely pace, ensuring you have ample time to appreciate each location’s uniqueness. Plus, the small group setting facilitates a more personal and engaging experience.

Conclude at Pisa's Star Attractions

Your Pisa journey will culminate at the UNESCO protected monumental complex of the Cathedral and the Leaning Tower. After uncovering Pisa’s hidden gems, you’ll see these iconic landmarks in a new light.

Conclusion: Uncover Pisa's Hidden Treasures

For travelers who prefer avoiding crowds and exploring lesser-known sights, this small-group walking tour is a perfect choice. You’ll travel smartly, learning about Pisa’s history and culture, while also getting value for your money. Book this Pisa off the beaten path tour and experience a different side of this charming Italian city.

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