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Going on a vacation to the Maldives? Big chance that you are flying TMA: Trans Maldivian Airways. These are the cool water planes that you have to book through your hotel. Flying these planes is pretty sweet. Last year we wrote about what flying a seaplane in the Maldives is really like. 

The one question that has always puzzled us is the maximum luggage dimension. From the description you will get from your hotel, you will notice that you cannot bring luggage that is too big; there is a maximum size. 

  • TMA maximum baggage dimension: 158 CM
  • TMA maximum baggage weight: 20 kilograms for check-in baggage, and 5 kilograms for carry-on.

This maximum size makes sense. The TMA seaplanes are relatively small, and the plane cannot lift off if you (and others) bring too much luggage. The maximum linear Dimension is 158 CM. You can easily calculate the maximum Dimension:

Suitcase Dimension = suitcase length + width + depth.

Your luggage is good to go if that simple sum is below 158. If it is more extensive, you could get into problems when you arrive in the Maldives. Your luggage could be denied, or you have to pay extra fees.

TMA Maldives Calculate luggage linear dimension

Maximum luggage weight TMA

Also, be aware of the maximum weight that TMA actively checks. Your bags will be weighed when you arrive at Male international airport. The weight of your check-in luggage cannot exceed 20 KGs. Your carry-on baggage can only weigh 5 KGs. This is well below the standards used by the internationally operating airlines that transported you into the Maldives.

Your bags will be weighed after you clear immigration. You will find a representative of your resort who will assist you in checking in at TMA. The first step is checking in your bags. This is when your bags will be measured and weighed.

If your bags are heavier than 20 Kilograms, TMA will consider this excess luggage. You will be charged 5 USD for every extra kilo.

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