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Streaming shows and movies have become a vital aspect of our culture. In today’s busy world, staying connected to cable and catching live premieres isn’t always feasible. Thankfully, streaming grants you the freedom to watch whatever you desire, whenever you want. However, traveling can sometimes compare to this process. When you venture abroad, you might encounter app restrictions or unavailable shows to stream. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with tips on how to stream TV shows and movies while traveling internationally.

Why can’t I watch videos in another country?

There are various reasons why individuals may encounter limitations when attempting to stream shows and movies from different countries.

  • Hulu: The popular streaming service, Hulu, might become inaccessible while traveling in Europe due to copyright licensing issues. To access Hulu, users are required to be physically situated in the United States, unless following specific guidelines.
  • HBO Max: HBO Max offers a slightly wider availability compared to Hulu, as it allows streaming in some Caribbean, Latin, and European countries, with plans to expand in the future.
  • Disney: Disney fans will be disappointed to discover that Disney+ is currently exclusive to the United States.
  • Netflix is widely regarded as one of the leading streaming services available globally, with its presence spanning over 190 countries. However, it is important to note that the content available on Netflix can vary significantly across different regions due to varying copyright regulations, intellectual property rules, and media content-copying policies. This dynamic nature of the platform can be both exciting and challenging for users. For example, while Friends may not be accessible on Netflix US, it is available on Netflix Italy. As the library continuously evolves, users may come across their favorite shows in unexpected places.

How can I watch movies while traveling?

#1 Download Before Travel

You can always download specific episodes before you travel if you’re concerned about having access to your favorite comfort shows while on the go. Most major streaming services allow you to download episodes directly to your device, so you can watch them even without internet access. Just make sure you have enough storage on your phone for the downloads.

If you can’t find the show you want to download for free on your streaming service, you have the option to purchase it on platforms like Amazon Prime or Apple TV, which will automatically download the episode to your device.

#2 Use VPN

If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly way to stream internationally, using a VPN is your best option. With a virtual private network or VPN, you can securely access the internet while keeping your data encrypted. Not only does it protect your online presence, but it also enhances your streaming experience.

By disguising your location as another country, you can unlock a whole new range of streaming content. For instance, VPN for Hulu will allow you to watch movies on this service from anywhere in the world, not just from the US. This is a direct answer to the question, how can I watch movies not available in my country? If you are only held back by a lack of understanding of how to watch Hulu with a VPN, then you will not experience much difficulty. To watch Hulu from anywhere, all you need to do is install an advanced VPN and change your region. For example, you can use VeePN, they even have a how can I watch shows from another country guide. Read it from the link above.

#3 Navigate between apps looking for content

Users can explore a variety of devices or apps such as Plex, Mubi, and Pluto TV, among others, to discover their preferred streaming options. Researching local apps with streaming access can offer insights into popular choices in the specific country they plan to visit. It is recommended to experiment with different apps through trial and error. Fortunately, most apps can still be used upon returning home, eliminating concerns about purchasing subscriptions exclusively for a trip. To alleviate cost concerns, users can take advantage of free trial offers to test services before making a commitment.

#4 Choose from what’s available in your country

When it comes to exploring new shows, there’s always the option to broaden one’s horizons. Netflix’s international libraries are brimming with captivating series and films that may not be available for streaming in one’s home country. It’s an opportunity to delve into foreign movies with subtitles, providing a chance to experience content that might otherwise go unnoticed.

In the grand scheme of things, the key is to remain adaptable. While on vacation, the allure of television may not hold much sway. However, when moving abroad, it becomes the perfect time to venture into uncharted shows that facilitate acclimatization to the local culture.


We hope these tips help you make the most of your travels. Whether it’s finding ways to watch Hulu from anywhere with a VPN, discovering exciting shows unavailable in your country, or using apps like Plex and Mubi, streaming can be an enjoyable and immersive experience while on the go. So don’t let geographical boundaries hold you back – explore new options while traveling.

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