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As the global pandemic continues to rage across the world, the coronavirus is impacting every walk of life. Over the months, the life of every person came to a standstill amidst the fear of Covid-19. In the subsequent lockdowns that ensued in almost every country, travel was really the last thing in anyone’s mind. That was until the start of summer as lockdowns eased across Europe. Europeans travelled all across the continent searching in search of a normal summer vacation in extraordinary times.              

The surge the virus is making after the summer peak season is a reminder to all that the virus is still a threat. Travel restrictions have returned as governments are trying everything to prevent a second large scale lockdown. We, as travellers can help. All you need to do is follow some tips to have a safe journey.

General Safety Tips For Travel

  • Carry adequate face masks. It is better to carry disposable masks which you can throw in a few hours.
  • Hand sanitizers and wipes are an absolute must. Make sure that the sanitizer had 60% alcohol or more. Keep it with you at all times.
  • Make a habit of washing hand thoroughly with soap for 20 seconds or longer.
  • Check-in with the destination and enquire about their COVID-19 precautions before you actually make a plan.

Safety Tips for Air Travel

  • Before you book the flight, ensure that the airline is offering all safety precautions. This includes safety gear, sanitization, the distance between seats etc. Even better, look on social media for experiences of recent passengers.
  • The airport carries the maximum risk of infection, so take the most precautions. Keep the mask on at all times; skip snacks and drinks while waiting in the lobby. Try to stay away from crowded places if you can help it. Try to avoid touching objects on the airports and use sanitizer if you do.
  • Once in the plane, try to sanitize your seat, handles and any other spot you think you would touch during the journey. Unless it is too uncomfortable, keep wearing the mask.
  • Eating is the next activity that carries the most risk of infection. In a short flight, try to avoid eating anything. In case the flight is long and you need to have a meal, it would be better to have it at a different time than others. Also, try to keep the mealtime as short as possible.

Safety Tips for Road Trips

  • Know the route. Find out beforehand if there are any entry restrictions at borders you are going or would cross. Inquire if your destination requires visitors to undergo mandatory quarantine, and for how long. Also mark all the spots on the route where you can find essential supplies, along with their operating hours.
  • Stock a reasonable amount of food and water in your car. While the pandemic rages, it would be wise to avoid eating outside. Carry food that could last for at least two days without getting spoiled. Bring snacks with high shelf-life. Carry sufficient stock of drinking water.
  • Keep your vehicle in the best shape. With the lockdown still going on in many places, and possibly returning to Europe, you might not readily find a mechanic. Keep spare parts in the vehicle.

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