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Do you love traveling and want to explore hidden places of the world? If yes, why not share your love for traveling and experience with others through travel blogs.

While you might not want to pursue a travel blog as a business or full-time career, it is fun to do. Also, some key strategies will help you start a successful travel blog. Take a look!

Find your audience

The first thing that you should focus on is your audience. Before starting a successful travel blog, check if there is an audience for it or not and what kind of content they love to read.

Of course, you will write your experience about a particular destination in every blog, but do not forget to also write for an audience. If you have understood who your target audience is from the beginning, then you will be able to produce a quality content piece from day one.

Things you need to create a fantastic travel blog

When you have decided the audience, it is time to work on the following things:

Blogging Platform: You need to choose a blogging platform to publish your travel content. There are many blogging platforms that you can use for free, like Blogger,, and Tumblr. For growth and to monitor your site, WordPress is the best option.

Web hosting –Look for the best web hosting option where you can store your website’s files. You may need to pay some amount for hosting, which can be monthly or yearly.

Domain name – Do not forget the domain name- a permanent address of your blog. Choose the domain name that matches the content on your blog or your niche. To generate domain name or business name, you can take help from trusted sites like

WordPress plugins – Plugins can help you add additional functionality to your site with zero technical knowledge. For example, you can add plugins to add maps on your site, optimize the content, improve the ranking of the blog by SEO, and more.

Choose a Travel Blog Theme

The most fun and exciting part is to choose the theme for your site. WordPress has many free themes that you can choose for your travel blog site. It includes page layouts, colors, formatting, and fonts. The best thing is that you do need any coding to set the desired theme for your site.

Logo Design   

The logo is also essential for your travel blog. Some WordPress themes have an in-built logo. But, if you want a customized logo or graphics for your travel blog, then you need to learn how to design logos or photoshop.

Or, you can take the help of any graphic designer to get the desired logo for a travel blog. Also, there is Canva, which is a free tool to design logos. If you are looking for a premade logo, then check Esty.

Blogging Steps

Last but least is blogging where you can post everything related to your destinations like best time to visit Milan, things to try in Spain, etc. When you start blogging for your travel site, you need to focus on the following things:

·      First, create a page where you should write something about yourself as a traveler. You can also add a little information about the subpages.

·      Then start with your first post and tell people why you started the travel blog and share it on your social media accounts.

·      Do not forget to create a business plan and treat your travel blog like a business.

Now, you know how to start a travel blog, so start one of your and have fun!

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