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Japan offers a wealth of exciting activities to visitors. From skiing and snow fun in the northern regions to warm beaches in the south. Japan is home to a one of the coolest cities in the world, the mega-tropolis of Tokyo. A heaving city with skyscrapers, history, culture, and landmarks around nearly every corner. The best time to visit Japan in 2021 may not be the season you initially believe for avoiding large crowds that descend on the Land of the Rising Sun.

Tourism surges at times throughout the year in Japan and reflects the seasons. In 2019, 15.2 million people traveled to Japan. The country’s plethora of exciting attractions, history, culture, and more attract people from all over the globe.

Unfortunately for Japan, the 2020 Summer Olympics were postponed until 2021. The country invested over $26 billion into the Summer Games and, had they been allowed to take place, millions more tourists would have visited Japan.

Travelers seeking to stay away from large crowds in 2021 will want to avoid the Summer Olympics games. The games just happen to coincide with the busy time of travel to Japan. So, what is the best time to visit Japan in 2021? Let us delve into the time period (or periods) that are best to visit Japan in next year.

Best time to visit Japan in 2021 for the weather

Like many countries around the world, most travelers descend on Japan in the northern hemisphere’s summer months. July and August are the most popular months for tourism in Japan. It makes sense as the summer months are the hottest and families are able to travel due to schools being closed. Japan is a beautiful country year-round, making it possible to visit the country and experience its unique culture 365 days a year.

The best time to visit Japan in 2021 for the weather is March to May and October to November. The spring and autumn months are ideal as you will get the best weather available throughout the country. Japan experiences four seasons and depending on the region you visit; the seasons can differ in temperature. Regardless, spring and autumn offer the best weather for exploring the east Asian nation.

Spring and autumn experience comfortable temperatures, calm skies, and nature lovers get the chance to explore the countryside. In the spring, you can explore the cherry blossom festivals and parks to see the blooming of trees and plants. Autumn provides you with the chance to see the leaves change from green to red to orange to brown. The season is lovely in Japan and comfortable after the extreme heat of summer, especially in the big cities. Autumn also comes after summer’s rainy typhoon season.

As autumn turns to winter, you will find plenty of sun as the weather gets colder. Winter experiences low rainfall, making it possible to visit Japan’s major cities without needing an umbrella while sightseeing.

Best time to visit Japan - weather
Best time to visit Japan 2021

Best time to visit Japan in 2021 for price

Peak season can differ in Japan based on region. The Japanese Alps are popular for travelers in winter, making the season the peak time for travel. Winter is the busy time for the northern regions for tourism. The late spring and summer are the low seasons for tourism in Japan. If you want to avoid the crowds in the north of Japan and save money, it is an ideal region to visit in the summer months.

Keep in mind that Japan, especially in Tokyo and other major cities, is an expensive country. So, getting a great deal on flights and accommodation to the north in offseason can save you a lot of cash. Resorts and tourism in northern Japan have made it a point to offer summer activities for travelers to enjoy as they diversify their products to attract people.

In contrast to the north, the south of Japan is ideal for winter escapes for low prices. Although it can be too chilly to take a dip in the water and sunbathe on the beach, the lack of tourists and low prices certainly make up for what you cannot do.

The good news is, you can still explore and enjoy the culture of Japan’s regions regardless of visiting in the offseason. Offseason is the cheapest times to fly to Japan if you want a good deal.

Best time to visit Japan in 2021: Tokyo vs. The Japanese Alps

Visiting Tokyo can be expensive no matter the time of year you visit. It is a massive city with so much to see and do. To find the best deals, you need to do your research. Cheap accommodation can be found, but you better be prepared to search for it.

Flights to Tokyo during the offseason can be found for far cheaper during peak time periods. The cheaper the flight, the more money you can spend in the Japanese capital.

Japan Best time to Travel - ski
Tokyo best time to visit

The Tokyo Alps are becoming more diverse, offering travelers more things to do during the warmer months. The prices can be cheaper in some regards, but it may depend on the activities you do.

Skiing is not a cheap experience, so try glamping in summer as a cheaper alternative. The Japanese Alps in summer is a way to avoid the large winter skiing crowds.

Best time to visit Japan in 2021: Conclusion

Japan is a tourist hotspot 365 days a year. The country’s geography means there are things to do all year-round. From skiing in the north to beaches in the south to city breaks in the center of the country, there is so much to experience.

History buffs, culture vultures, foodies, and sports fans can find something to love in Japan. Visiting in the offseason doesn’t mean you will miss out on these experiences. Of course, March to May and October to November are the ideal times to visit Japan for weather.

You may find that the region you want to explore is perfect at another time. The north is cheaper and has fewer crowds in summer while the south is better for low prices and fewer people in winter time.

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