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Travelers in the United States have plenty of choice when it comes to their holiday destinations. To rank high on the list of American states in terms of tourists each year, a state has to offer a variety of tourist attractions. It also needs to appeal to a wide range of travelers. Florida is one of those rare states in the US that appeals to large segments of tourists from all over the globe. Thanks to its miles of coastlines, beaches, warm weather, fun parks, and great cities such Miami and Orlando, Florida ticks all the boxes for travelers.

Whether flying solo on a vacation, with that special someone, or with the family, there is something for everyone in the Sunshine State. In 2018, Florida attracted 111.8 million visitors. Many of those travelers visited Orlando and the Disney World amusement parks and other attractions. Others may have ventured south to Miami and its incredible beaches. Miami offers a wealth of excitement thanks to its nightlife and is a true multicultural town.

Florida has so much to offer visitors that it can be difficult to decide what to do and see. From amusement parks to national parks to small seaside towns to vibrant cities, Florida is packed with incredible holiday options you should take advantage of.

Best time to visit Florida 2021 for the weather

Travelers visit Florida year-round thanks to its incredible weather. The Sunshine State has a humid sub-tropical climate. The summers can be hot and humid. The further south you go, the wetter it can be during the summer. Miami is one city that experiences plenty of rain during the summer months. Winter experiences drier days. The days are still warm and comfortable with the sun shining down throughout most days.

Depending on the region you visit, the weather can change. Due to the weather being hot and humid in the summer, the ideal time to visit the state is between October and May. The overall weather is nearly perfect during those months compared to the hot days of June to September.

July is the hottest month of the year with the average high temperature being 34°C and the low being 24°C. January is the coolest month of the year in Florida. The high temperature is 22°C while the low is 11°C making it a very comfortable time to visit.

Cities in the southern part of the state, including Miami and Palm Beach, attract travelers from all over the globe thanks to its warm weather. The weather is optimal in the southern region with February to May being the best time to go for the temperatures, deals, and low number of tourists. Travelers, especially from cold regions, love to visit Miami as visiting the beaches is still possible. For locals in Miami, the winter is chilly and they pop on their coats when the temperature drops below 26°C.

Hurricane season

Florida can be (heavily) affected by hurricanes. The Atlantic Hurricane Season starts in June and lasts five months. Although hurricanes can occur throughout the season most storms hit in August and September. During the season you can expect hot temperatures as well as good deals and small crowds. But be aware: you might have to rebook or cancel.

Never take any risks and follow all government instructions and advise. Never put yourself or others at risk for a vacation. Stay home when a storm or hurricane is predicted.

Best time to visit Florida in 2021 for price

Florida’s shoulder season is ideal for travelers looking to save money on accommodation. Cities such as Miami, Orlando, Palm Beach, and Tampa have the same shoulder season, which begins in April and runs through May.

Shoulder season for these top tourist attractions starts up again in September through November. Not only is the weather still pleasant during these two periods, but the prices are considerably lower on accommodation compared to the summer months. If you want to avoid tourists and have room to stretch out on Florida’s beaches, then the shoulder season is the best time to travel to the Sunshine State.

Prices are heavily affected by the weather in Florida. In Miami, December to April is consider the high season. Why? Because the weather is so warm and lovely that travelers escape the cold weather of home to visit. If you choose to visit Miami and other southern Florida cities in the summer, you can get plenty of accommodation bargains. It is hot, humid, and rainy during this time.

In contrast, northern Florida cities such as Orlando see the low season in winter and the high season in summer. Keep in mind that the Disney World theme park and resorts in northern Florida attract massive crowds during American holidays.

Best time to visit Florida in 2021: Northern Florida vs. Southern Florida

When deciding on which part of Florida to visit, you need to take into account the different attractions you want to visit and the varying experiences you want to have. Northern Florida provides more family-friendly experiences thanks to the Walt Disney theme park, attractions, and resorts.

You can even get away from the crowds of tourists in Orlando and head to the panhandle of northern Florida. Cities like Destin and Pensacola offer a completely different experience that is more laidback than Orlando.

Miami is the king of Florida’s southern region. The city is a melting pot of cultures. It is a mecca of foods with some of the best Cuban cuisine available and arguably better than what you will find on the Caribbean island.

Southern Florida is a great escape during the autumn, winter, and spring in the northern hemisphere. You can fly directly into Miami International airport and explore the natural beauty of the state’s southern tip.

Best time to visit Florida in 2021: Conclusion

Florida provides you with a range of holiday options. You can go to family-friendly attractions, experience outdoor adventures, or explore the nightlife of cities such as Miami while flying solo. Florida’s weather is the main reason travelers head to the state. It allows them to get away from the cold back home and spend time in the sunshine.

fort lauderdale Best time to visit Florida

Depending on the region you choose to visit, Florida gives you the chance to avoid crowds while experiencing a tremendous vacation. If you want to save money on accommodation be sure to visit south Florida in the summertime or northern Florida in the winter. The two regions work in contrast to each other, but both offer incredible holidays to those eager for an adventure in one of America’s most-visited states.

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