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The Colosseum is a highly crowded tourist attraction. With 7.6 million visitors per year, it is Rome’s busiest attraction. The building attracts more visitors than the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, or the Louvre Museum. You will need a plan to make sure you can skip the line and beat the crowds. 

Unfortunately, there is no official skip-the-line program at the Colosseum. But luckily, there is still a way that you can avoid standing in a long queue. In general, there are two ways to skip the line at the Colosseum:

  • Buy timed entry tickets in advance and skip the line at the Colosseum ticket office
  • Skip all the lines at the Colosseum by taking a guided tour

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How Timed Entry Tickets work at the Colosseum

Timed Entry tickets allow you to enter the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill at a pre-selected date and time. This way, you will not have to wait to buy a ticket. It also guarantees you get into the Colosseum on the day of your visit. Unfortunately, the Colosseum tends to sell out, and you might only get in with pre-purchased tickets. 

Both and offer timed entry tickets to the Colosseum. Select your date and timeslot. After that, you pay for your ticket and are ready to go. You can show your digital entrance ticket at the Colosseum gate.   

Best way to skip the line at the Colosseum: A Guided Tour

The best way to experience the Colosseum is by booking a guided tour. A guided tour will get you past all the lines. Not only does it help to get in quickly, but it also helps you understand the area. A professional guide can explain all the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill highlights.

If you book an organized tour, your day will be optimized to see the best Rome offers. You will see the main highlights, have precisely enough time to spend at the Colosseum and Roman Forum and then move on to the next. You will not waste time organizing your transport. You will not have to skip out on one of your itinerary items because you were wasting time getting organized.

Where to buy tickets to Rome’s Colosseum

Buying tickets to Rome’s Colosseum isn’t as straightforward as you might think. There is no clear official Colosseum website you can buy tickets. There are lots of websites out there selling you overpriced tickets.

That is why we recommend buying tickets through well-known official resellers. These resellers offer good terms and conditions, including 24-hour cancellation policies. At, you can cancel your ticket up to 24 hours in advance without any reason. You will receive an instant full refund on your credit card.

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