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In a unique crossover event, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has teamed up with Pokémon to celebrate its 50th anniversary, creating a buzz among both art enthusiasts and Pokémon collectors. This collaboration, which runs until January 7, 2024, has brought an unprecedented level of excitement and a touch of modern-day treasure hunting to the serene corridors of the museum.

The main attraction? A special Pikachu promo card, which has become a hot commodity not just among the attendees but also in the online marketplace. These exclusive cards, depicting Pikachu with a grey felt hat reminiscent of Van Gogh’s self-portrait, are now trading for at least $150 on StockX, around $100 on eBay, and up to $260 on Dutch marketplace The frenzy doesn’t stop online; individuals on the streets are also offering to buy these prized cards from museum visitors.

Tips & Tricks to visit the Van Gogh museum & get the Pokémon card

Here are some tips and tricks for those planning to venture into this artistic Pokémon realm:

  1. Book Your Tickets Early:

    • Tickets to the Van Gogh Museum are in high demand due to the Pokémon event. Ensure you book your tickets online well in advance as they are not sold at the door.
  2. Participate in the Pokémon Adventure:

    • Upon your visit, engage in the Pokémon Adventure quest at the museum to secure your special Pikachu promo card. Remember, the promo cards are subject to availability.
  3. Protect Your Promo Card:

    • Given the value these cards are fetching, it’s wise to keep them in a protective sleeve to maintain their condition.
  4. Check Online Marketplaces:

    • If you’re looking to acquire or sell one of these special promo cards, platforms like eBay, StockX, and are popular choices.
  5. Stay Updated:

    • Follow the Van Gogh Museum and Pokémon’s official channels for announcements on restocking of the promo cards, either at the museum or at official Pokémon stores.
  6. Explore the Pokémon x Van Gogh Merchandise:

    • Beyond the promo cards, there’s a range of collaborative merchandise available both in the museum’s shop and webstore, adding to the overall experience.
  7. Enjoy the Art:

    • Amid the Pokémon craziness, don’t forget to soak in the Van Gogh-inspired Pokémon paintings and the masterpieces of Vincent van Gogh himself.

This event showcases a fascinating meld of classical art and modern pop culture, drawing new audiences to appreciate Van Gogh’s work through a Pokémon lens. The phenomenon surrounding the Pikachu promo cards not only highlights the enduring appeal of Pokémon but also introduces a fun, interactive element to the museum experience, making art more accessible to a broader audience. So, whether you are a Pokémon trainer or an art aficionado, the Van Gogh Museum has something captivating to offer for everyone during this exhilarating collaboration.

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