You are currently viewing Read ‘How to Avoid Crowds’ for free using the Kindle Unlimited 30-day trial can buy our book How to Avoid Crowds exclusively on Amazon as both an eBook or paperback. We now proudly announce that you can also read the book as part of the Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription. And as Amazon offers a 30-day trial of Amazon Kindle Unlimited you can read our book for free!

What is Amazon Kindle Unlimited?

With Amazon Kindle Unlimited you can read books subscription based. It basically serves as a modern day digital library. You pay a standard fee per month and get unlimited access to books from around the world. The subscription includes over 1,000,000 titles as well as a rotating selection of popular magazines. On top of that, Amazon adds a large number of audio books within the subscription as well. Amazon supports a wide variety of devices and you can read books on either your Kindle, iPhone, Android phone or tablet. That means you don’t need a Kindle device to benefit from this service.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited includes a large variety of the world’s most popular books including all seven Harry Potter books, the Hunger Games books and countless of traditional best sellers. With over 1 million titles in basically any genre, Amazon Kindle is the Netflix of books and is currently (October 2020) priced at 9.99 USD per month.

How to Avoid Crowds book

How to Avoid Crowds available on Kindle Unlimited

We have also made our book, How to Avoid Crowds: Travel smart and enjoy your vacation without overtourism available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. That means that you can read our full book as part of the subscription. How to Avoid Crowds explains to readers how you can travel smart without the hustle of modern day overtourism. It also includes a special chapter on traveling during the COVID pandemic.

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