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To predict crowds, gathers lots of tourist data from around the world. Public holidays and school vacations are key to predicting crowds and are used in all our prediction models. Now, you can directly access this detailed information by simply scrolling down.

This is our overview of public holidays and school vacations in Aruba for 2019, 2020 and beyond. We will continuously update our overview when new school vacations are announced. The public holidays don’t change unless we spot errors. The school vacations and public holidays are also incorporated in our daily crowd prediction.

School vacations in Aruba

Country School vacation Start date End Date
Aruba Christmas Holidays 20/12/2019 03/01/2020
Aruba Carnival Holidays 19/02/2020 24/02/2020
Aruba Easter Holidays 09/04/2020 17/04/2020
Aruba Summer Holidays 13/07/2020 19/08/2020
Aruba October Holidays 05/10/2020 09/10/2020
Aruba Christmas Holidays 21/12/2020 05/01/2021
Aruba Carnival Holidays 15/02/2021 15/02/2021
Aruba Easter Holidays 01/04/2021 09/04/2021
Aruba Summer Holidays 12/07/2021 19/08/2021
Aruba October Holidays 04/10/2021 08/10/2021
Aruba Christmas Holidays 20/12/2022 05/01/2022
Aruba Easter Holidays 14/04/2022 22/04/2022
Aruba Summer Holidays 11/07/2022 TBD

Public Holidays in Aruba 2020

Aruba New Year’s Day 01/01/2020 National
Aruba Betico Day 25/01/2020 National
Aruba Carnival Monday 24/02/2020 National
Aruba National Flag & Anthem Day 18/03/2020 National
Aruba Good Friday 10/04/2020 National
Aruba Easter Monday 13/04/2020 National
Aruba King’s Day 27/04/2020 National
Aruba Labour Day 01/05/2020 National
Aruba Ascension Day 21/05/2020 National
Aruba Christmas Day 25/12/2020 National
Aruba Boxing Day 26/12/2020 National

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