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The Austrian government announced that museums are allowed to reopen after May 15. While some privately owned museums might keep their doors shut for now, state-owned attractions are reopening. Other countries are also relaxing their COVID-19 lock down measures. In this overview we track which tourist attractions in Europe are closed, open or reopening during and after the Coronavirus crisis. Please note travel restrictions might still in place making the museums only accessible for those living in the country.

Is the Louvre museum or Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna opened during the Coronavirus crisis? We are now able to answer those questions for more than 100 tourist attractions across the European continent. Since March 5, we are continuously tracking about 110 tourist attractions across Europe. We previously also launched a special page dedicated to The Louvre museum in Paris.

You can use the filters above the table to search for a specific country or destination. The table updates automatically based on what you add in the filters. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe we have also started lowering crowd predicts for most cities.

The situation in Austria and other countries is still developing. The Austrian government for example announces planned reopening but always reserves the right to take a step back if the virus spreads quickly again. Our overview checks the latest situation and the overview is updated where needed.

How to read our overview

In total we track 110 tourist attractions throughout Europe and check whether they are open or closed due to the Coronavirus. There are four categories:

Open: The tourist attraction is operating without restrictions.
Will reopen soon: Formal announcement about reopening has been made.
Limited: The tourist attraction is open but is limiting capacity due to the coronavirus or has other measures in place to limit access.
Closed: The tourist attraction is closed for all visitors due to coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus: No stadium tours at the San Siro, Italy
Coronavirus: No stadium tours at the San Siro, Italy

Good to know about our overview of reopening tourist attractions & The Coronavirus.

Since we are trying to keep up with an ongoing situation, this list might not be complete or correct. We link to official sources where we can. Verify all information before you rely on our or any other website. Please inform us about new closures, errors or re-openings on Twitter It is our aim to tell you which tourist attractions in Europe are closed due to the coronavirus. Please note that there are also travel restrictions and possibly other coronavirus rules in place that might still not allow you to visit certain attractions.

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