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Today we reached a remarkable milestone. We added destination number 50 to Avoid Crowds. We now have 8 destinations outside Europe and additional cities will be added over the coming weeks. It is our aim to bring our crowd predictions to tourists over the world and are extremely proud that our hard work is paying off. Our data helps spreading tourism over time and thereby mitigating the effects of overtourism.

At the moment we are focusing on the American tourism market. We have already added four large American cities: New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami. In addition, we have added three major Caribbean cruise destinations. Cozumel is the world’s busiest cruise port and has been on our website for a few months. Nassau, the popular Bahamian capital, has been on our website for some time as well.

New destinations coming!

In the coming weeks we will add more destinations in and around the United States. With the Caribbean season reaching its peak soon, we aim to predict crowds in this wildly popular region as well. In the United States we will focus on destination that could feel the effects of overtourism like Philadelphia and Washington D.C. Here every day life is effected when the tourism versus locals balance is disturbed. We believe there is no point in adding Orlando or Las Vegas to our website as these cities are arguably built for tourism.

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