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Sun, style, and extraordinary nightlife. All of the things Miami is known for. The city has been a playground for millionaires, tourists, and partygoers for the last couple of decades. That’s because it has so much to offer. 

If you’re traveling there and wondering “what to do in Miami for a day,” no worries. There’s actually a lot to see, do, and experience in a single day. We’ve compiled just 10 things to do in Miami for adult and young people alike. 

From exploring the downtown art district to sightseeing around with a luxury vehicle from RealCar, here are the best things to do in Miami. 

1. Exploring the Art Deco District

The pastel-colored buildings and the 1930s charm of the Art Deco District must be witnessed in person to be believed. It’s a true feast for the eyes that will transport you to a much simpler time before you were even born and show you the essence of Miami’s glamorous past. If you want to visit during the day, you can learn about the city’s rich history. However, if you want to take a stroll during the night, you can witness some of the best entertainment Miami has to offer. 

2. Luxury Sightseeing 

There are lots of sights to see in Miami. And if you’re not spending more than a day, you need to be quick and efficient. For starters, you need to plan out your route. Map out what you definitely need to see and leave the spots you’re not too excited about. Next, you need a good ride. For example, you can rent out a brand new Mercedes – which you can do by clicking here: – and ride around quickly and stylishly. 

3. Sunset Views at South Pointe Park

Looking for the best place to see sunset in Miami? South Pointe Park has got you covered. Located just south of Miami Beach, the park gives its visitors a panoramic view of the ocean. It’s an ideal spot if you want to relax after a long day of activities and mellow out. You can bring a picnic blanket to sit on and enjoy the park’s peaceful ambiance. If you’re a photographer, make sure to bring some good lenses to take amazing pictures. 

4. Partying in Club LIV

Let’s talk about Miami’s nightlife for a moment. For those who want the quintessential Miami experience, Club LIV is the place to be. The world-renowned, high-energy atmosphere paired with A-list clientele is what makes this club stand out. It embodies the essence of the Miami club scene. Those who want to have a night of their life should be prepared to spend some money. Dress to impress, rent out a Mercedes from RealCar, and prepare a lot of cash for drinks. You’ll definitely need it if you want to have the best night out ever. 

5. Culinary Experiences in Little Havana

Miami’s Cuban community is full of culture, history, and life. At the heart of Little Havana, you will find Calle Ocho, the main street, overflowing with traditional Cuban cuisine. You have the Versailles, a place that’s known as the most famous Cuban restaurant in the world. They offer traditional yet uniquely delicious dishes, such as ropa vieja or the savory Cubano sandwich.

6. Cultural Tours and Museums

The Pérez Art Museum Miami – or PAMM as it’s also known – is another unmissable destination in the city. Located in downtown, it’s known for its huge collection of modern art from the 20th and 21st century. If you’re a fan of architecture, you will probably spend as much time outside the museum as you will inside. Depending on when you go, you can catch one of many exhibitions celebrating the cultural diversity of the city. And if you ever get tired of walking, you can go to the museum’s terrace cafe and enjoy the view of Biscayne Bay. 

7. Luxury Shopping at Design District

Are you a shopping enthusiast? Or do you have a spouse who simply loves spending hours in boutique stores while on vacation? Either way, you need to go to the Design District in Miami and let yourself go. Gucci, Dior, and Maison Margiela are just a few of the high-end brands you will find there. And if you want to go shopping for luxury items, you must go shopping in style. Try renting a Mercedes Benz G-class and riding around with your new clothes like a real star. 

8. Beach Day at Miami Beach

You think we could talk about Miami without recommending one of its beaches? You were mistaken. With crystal clear waters, white sands, and more beautiful people you have ever seen in your life. Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun, take a refreshing swim, or engage in water sports like jet skiing or paddleboarding, Miami Beach has it all.

9. Outdoor Adventures

Do you want something more exciting than Miami’s famous beaches? Then, you should consider going on a short boating trip to Biscayne Bay. There, you can go snorkeling in the coral reefs or explore one of the many islands the Bay has to offer. You can also visit the River State Park and walk through lush forests or kayak along the river.  

10. Relaxation at the Venetian Pool

Situated in Coral Gables, the Venetian pool is a historic and unique attraction that offers a luxurious experience for adults. The freshwater pool is actually a former coral rock quarry. Surrounded by natural caves, waterfalls, and vegetation, the pool gives you a perfect place to cool off and finish off your trip in style. The Venetian Pool is a hidden gem in Miami, perfect for adults seeking a peaceful and beautiful retreat.

In Conclusion

Some people wonder, is Miami worth visiting? Well, just glance at the list above. How does it look? Fantastic? Yeah, that’s what we thought. If you’re traveling across America, Miami is one of those places you need to see – even if you spend just 24 hours in it. 

No matter how long – or short – you stay in Miami, you will remember the stay for the rest of your life. We can guarantee that much.

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