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This weekend, London will be bursting at the seams as thousands flock to the city to witness the historic coronation of Charles III and Camilla on May 6. As a result, the city’s streets, hotels, and attractions are expected to be extremely crowded. At, we’ve got you covered with tips and insights to help you navigate the busy weekend.

The Coronation's Impact on London

The coronation of Charles III and Camilla is a highly anticipated event that has been generating buzz for months. The ceremony will take place at Westminster Abbey, and the surrounding area will be teeming with royal fans and curious onlookers alike. In addition to the influx of visitors, several roads and public transportation routes will be closed or diverted to accommodate the festivities, further adding to the congestion.

How to Avoid the Worst of the Crowds

While it’s inevitable that London will be packed this weekend, there are a few strategies to help mitigate the impact of the crowds. First, consider visiting attractions outside the city center or exploring lesser-known neighborhoods. This can offer a respite from the busiest areas while still allowing you to experience the city’s charm. Additionally, make reservations at restaurants and book tickets for popular attractions in advance to save time and avoid disappointment.

Public Transportation Tips

Given the road closures and increased traffic, utilizing public transportation is crucial for navigating London this weekend. Be prepared for delays and crowded conditions on the Tube and buses. Plan extra time for travel, and consider using alternative routes to avoid the most congested areas. Keep an eye on TFL’s website and Twitter account for updates and alerts.


While the coronation of Charles III and Camilla is a once-in-a-lifetime event, it also means that London will be exceptionally busy this weekend. By planning ahead and using the tips provided here, you can still have an enjoyable and memorable experience in the city. Don’t forget to share your experiences and tips with the Avoid-Crowds community to help fellow travelers navigate this historic weekend! Score Update

In anticipation of the unprecedented crowds this weekend, we have taken the rare step of increasing our score for London to a perfect 100 out of 100. This score signifies that we expect the city to be extremely busy, making it challenging to navigate and enjoy the usual tourist attractions. By adjusting our score, we hope to emphasize the importance of planning ahead, considering alternative activities, and being prepared for a hectic but memorable weekend in London. Stay informed and keep an eye on our website for real-time updates on crowd levels and further tips to make the most of your visit during this historic event.

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