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La Spezia serves as the access point for Italy’s famous Cinque Terre region. In 2020, La Spezia will see a massive increase in cruise ship traffic as the coastal town enters the top-10 of Europe’s busiest cruise ports. During the year, a total of 1,057,830 cruise passengers are expected to arrive in the area that famously banned flip flops in its battle against overtourism. Compared to 2019, that is an increase of 53 percent in total number of cruise passengers.

Massive cruise crowds start coming in May and leave in October. The busiest month is July where almost 148,000 cruise passengers are expected to arrive. In 2020 there are 29 days where there are more than 10,000 cruise passengers in town. The busiest day of the year is August 25 when four mega ships bring a total of 17,828 cruise passengers to Cinque Terre.

La Spezia Cruise Ship Schedule 2020

wdt_IDDateArrival timeDeparture timeShipMax passengersCrew
103.01.2008:3020:30Costa Smeralda6.5181.682
210.01.2008:3020:30Costa Smeralda6.5181.682
317.01.2008:3020:30Costa Smeralda6.5181.682
424.01.2008:3020:30Costa Smeralda6.5181.682
531.01.2008:3020:30Costa Smeralda6.5181.682
607.02.2008:3020:30Costa Smeralda6.5181.682
714.02.2008:3020:30Costa Smeralda6.5181.682
821.02.2008:3020:30Costa Smeralda6.5181.682
928.02.2008:3020:30Costa Smeralda6.5181.682
1006.03.2008:3020:30Costa Smeralda6.5181.682

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