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Travel in the summer of 2021 may depend on your location. Depending on the rates of COVID-19 cases and deaths, travellers may be planning to get away domestically or abroad. With COVID-19 cases low in the United Kingdom, individuals are beginning to think about travelling around the country or Europe mainland once more.

In addition, countries that base much of their economy on tourism, want to welcome British travellers back to their borders thanks to the UK’s widespread vaccine program. Travel may not be so common around the United States, Canada, and other countries.

Regardless of the UK’s advanced vaccine program, the US’s continued ignoring of the COVID-19 pandemic, and some European countries going into lockdown once more, there is still no real concrete plan for travel in the summer of 2021. Yes, hopes are high that tourists will be able to resume travelling. However, many people may choose to stay close to home rather than going abroad.

Pinning hopes on a COVID-19 vaccine

The global tourism industry lost $935 billion in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies in the tourism industry are pinning their hopes on the COVID-19 vaccines.

According to the New York Times, over 754 million vaccine doses have been given worldwide. The number is equal to 9.8 doses per 100 people. The number of vaccines given out per country differs, however. This makes the potential for travel difficult to gauge.

Travellers may choose to book their holidays at the last minute. Rather than booking in the winter and spring as the vaccines roll out around the world, many people are contacting travel agents to get the latest information on holiday destinations.

Customer confidence is low right now. Many people are afraid to book a trip due to the potential of cancelling it days before leaving. Some travellers were burnt by airlines, travel agents, and resorts in 2020 after spending thousands on trips only to receive little to no money in refunds after the vacation was cancelled. These travellers are now afraid to book as fears of losing money are rife.

Will you need a COVID-19 vaccine certificate?

A COVID-19 vaccine certificate or passport may be needed for travellers to go abroad in the summer. The certificate will detail a traveller’s vaccine record and prove they have had the shot. The certificate would not only enable a person to fly, but enter a foreign country.

The UK plans to test COVID-19 vaccine certificates at sporting events, movie theatres, and nightclubs. The certificate would allow individuals to quickly and easily show they have had the vaccine.

At the moment, COVID-19 certification and proof of a negative coronavirus test are part of international travel. By the summer of 2021, COVID-19 certificates could be made digital and airlines, border control, and resorts could be able to access the information quickly without needing to see a paper copy.

On mainland Europe, officials have stated that an EU-wide Green Digital Certificate will be used. The Green Digital Certificate will allow a person vaccinated against COVID-19, has tested negative for coronavirus, or recently recovered from it, to travel on the continent. It is hoped that Europe will have the Green Digital Certificate in place for the summer of 2021.

What will travel in the United States look like?

American travellers are booking trips for locales further away from home. Some people are staying away longer and spending more time on vacation than ever before. Travellers are able to stay on vacation longer by working remotely from their destination.

Not everyone is able to live the nomad work life, however. There are a lot of American travellers booking camping trips or Airbnbs that allow them to stay away from other tourists. Americans are packing up their cars to reach their final destinations.

Hotels and airports still look strange with individuals wearing masks and gloves inside. Most major hotel chains and airports will continue to make it mandatory to wear masks and socially distance.

Travel should look different in the summer of 2021 compared that last year when COVID-19 hit. However, the tourism industry is still a way away from the heights of 2019. It could be next year before we see travel return to how it used to be.

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