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A vacation, which you wait for so long, brings a lot of pleasure. But how can you organize travel so that you don’t spend all the money you have saved up for the year on it? Of course, the best option is self-directed travel planning. Modern services allow tourists to organize a trip to any place in the world. If your dream destination is the United Arab Emirates, then besides buying airline tickets and booking a hotel, find a good car rental company. By taking advantage of these recommendations to rent economy car in dubai, you will be able to save your travel budget.

Find and book your car rental well in advance

Booking early is always much cheaper. Once you have fixed your vacation dates, go to the websites providing rent a car dubai and check the prices. If it is an international company, the price for car rentals will be much higher. However local services in UAE have a much larger model range of cars and have favorable and flexible terms of car rental in different cities and provinces of the country. Making a reservation several months before the vacation is so much more cost-effective that you will be able to rent luxury cars instead of an ordinary sedan for quite a moderate price.

Pay attention to the model of the car

Another way to save money on car rental is to choose the right model. And it’s not just about the brand of the car. A much more important role is given to technical parameters. For example, the size of the car. If you have small luggage, then renting a hatchback or compact crossover will save much more than if you decide to ride a premium sedan or a large SUV. Or the type of transmission: a manual car in a rental service will cost less than a fully automatic.

Use a credit card

The car rental contract will always need to include the financial details of your bank account. This is to secure the company’s payment of possible fines, which are high in Dubai. Or to repair any damage in case of any minor road accidents. Few people know, but when you provide the rental company with your debit card details, a big amount of security deposit can be blocked on your account. To avoid this is simple – enter your credit card and then the deposit will be minimized.

Take benefit of discounts and promotional offers

Never be afraid to ask managers about actual discounts and offers. For example, many rental services in the UAE have permanent promotions for certain car models. Or it can be short-term offers for example “A week of car rental for the price of three days”. In addition, promotions are often organized by partners. Hotels and Airlines offer their guests personalized promo codes to save a lot of money when renting a car on a traveling trip.

Read the fine print in the contract with attention

Every car rental contract has points that are specified in annexes. Do not forget to look carefully at the extra terms and conditions, most often they hide unexpected costs. The place of delivery of the rented car, the GPS navigation and extra trunk, driving a second person, and limiting the mileage – for this all rental companies can ask for extra money when you turn in the car. Take a little more time to organize your travel and then it will be possible to avoid these surprises and stay within a certain budget.

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