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Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations right now. It brings travelers from all over the globe to the desert city. Dubai is packed during the high season, so avoiding the crowds is possible during the low time. Yet, due to the weather and luxury vibe provided by Dubai, it may be difficult to book a holiday that avoids the crowds during the year.

Along with higher prices for flights and accommodation, you may experience long lines to enjoy Dubai’s top travel activities. It is imperative to plan your trip to Dubai in advance, this way you won’t miss out on doing the coolest activities in one of the world’s hottest travel spots.

Dubai isn’t just about malls, restaurants, and resorts. The desert city is full of tours and excursions. Let’s explore the coolest things to do and see on your next vacation to Dubai. Not only will your vacation be packed with fun, but you will avoid the crowds by booking these adventures early.

Desert Safari

Dubai is surrounded by desert. The city has miles and miles of golden sand dunes. The dunes are a playground for travelers seeking adrenaline-pumping fun. Quad biking is one of the top experiences for travelers to book.

You can rush around the sand dunes atop a quad bike as you race over the sands at high speeds. Desert safaris are popular adventure activities. Whether you are on a solo trip, family vacation, or with a friend, a desert safari makes for great fun.

Dubai Sandboarding at Desert Safari

While on a desert safari, you can also partake in other activities including dune bashing, sandboarding, and much more. If quad biking isn’t your idea of fun, then book a 4×4 desert safari. Rather than speeding over the dunes on a quad bike, you will ride in a 4×4 SUV and cascade up and down the desert dunes.

Visit the Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building at 829 meters. The Dubai building has two observation decks to visit. There is also a VIP Lounge that can be explored. The two levels open to the public are called “At the Top”.

These observation decks are located on the 124th and 125th floors. The two observation decks are located halfway up the Burj Khalifa, so they are not exactly “At the Top”.

The VIP Lounge, known as Sky Lounge, is situated on the 148th floor. It is 555 meters high. A ticket to the VIP Lounge also provides access to the other two observation decks. It does cost an entrance fee to visit all three of the observation decks. Lines can be long, so book your Burj Khalifa trip in advance – we wrote about this.

Dubai Marina Yacht Tour

A yacht tour gives you the chance to see Dubai from the sea. Rather than booking a yacht for just yourself, why not join a Dubai Marina Yacht Tour. You will join other guests on a yacht tour around Dubai Marina.

You will be provided food and drink on the day tour. The yacht is perfect for relaxation. You will have the chance to wonder around the boat to socialize with the other guests. Dubai yacht tours are available throughout the day. You can even book a tour that serves breakfast, lunch, or dinner while it cruises the marina.

Atlantis Aquaventure

The temperatures are hot in Dubai. It is one of the reason people visit Dubai as they seek to avoid the winter back home. When the temperatures get too hot in Dubai, head for Atlantis Aquaventure, the largest waterpark in the city. If you are tired of spending time at the beach and want some more excitement, then head to Atlantis Aquaventure.

Atlantis Aquaventure ticket hacks

The award-winning waterpark covers 17,00 hectares. There are more than 105 waterslides and attractions at Aquaventure. The waterpark is perfect for the kid inside us all. Visitors of all ages will find excitement at Aquaventure. Atlantis is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum traces the history of the city. Located at the Al Fahidi Fort, a trip to Dubai Museum allows you to take in two great attractions. The fort was constructed in 1787. It was the center of the Emirati’s monarchy. Not only did the monarchy live at the fort, but the building was used as a weapons arsenal. A prison was also on-site.

In 1971, the fort was re-imagined as Dubai Museum. You can explore Dubai’s history on a tour of the incredible venue. The displays are excellent and provide information on a wide range of topics. Tours are available to book, giving you the chance to learn more from a knowledgeable guide.

Dubai Creek Dhow Ride

One of the most iconic views of Dubai is provided by the Dhow boats that sail down Dubai Creek. Dubai Creek flows through the city and riding one of the traditional boats (dhow) offers you the chance to see the busy Middle Eastern destination in a different way.

Floating down Dubai Creek provides a more laidback atmosphere than the city’s streets. Sunset cruises are popular and easy to book. You will watch the sunset over the city while seeing the lights of Dubai spring to life. Some tours come with entertainment and dinner.

On Air Dinner Adventure

Fancy a one-of-a-kind dinner high above Dubai? Book the On Air Dinner Adventure to spend the evening above Dubai while dining on a delicious meal. You will enjoy a three-course dining experience while suspended 50 meters (165 feet) in the air on an open-air platform.

A chef will prepare your meals while serves deliver your appetizers, main course, drinks, and desert to the table. The platform provides you with incredible views of the Dubai skyline and marina. Not only is the On Air Dinner Adventure an unforgettable night out, but it is perfect for foodies seeking a meal to remember.

Dinner in the sky adventures are great for special occasions. Propose to your loved one or celebrate a birthday in style. Whether you want a memory that lasts forever, a great meal, or an adrenaline-fueled adventure, this is the way to dine.

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