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Aquaventure is probably the best experience in Dubai, but it is also costly. Luckily, you can save serious money at the entrance with a little bit of research. These money-saving hacks aren’t openly communicated or very well marketed. Some are even crazy discount hacks: they get you a better price and better terms and conditions. These are the six best travel hacks to save some serious money at Atlantis Dubai’s Aquaventure.

In 2023, the pricing system changed and we wrote a new post about smart ways to buy tickets for Dubai’s Aquaventure.

What is Aquaventure all about?

Aquaventure at Atlantis is Dubai’s iconic waterpark on the top of the Palm Jumeirah Island. It is known as one of the best water parks globally, with endless slides, pools, and rivers. According to CNN, it is the second-best water park in the world. But we disagree: we think it’s number one.

The last time we visited the Dubai Atlantis was during our Dubai trip in October 2021. This was when we noticed something strange was going on with ticket prices. Tickets directly purchased at Atlantis are more expensive than those bought through resellers. Furthermore, there are a few clever ways to get additional discounts while the best prices are reserved for UAE residents. More about this is below.

This post gives you the best discount hacks that we have found through our extensive resort. Please note that we could earn an affiliate commission on some of the links in this post. We use the proceeds of these affiliate marketing links to maintain this website and fund future stories and travel hacks. 

Aquaventure Ticket Hack 1: buy online and through resellers

The base price of tickets at Atlantis Aquaventure is currently set at AED 299. However, online resellers, who also give better cancellation terms, sell tickets for just AED 269. Simply buying your ticket elsewhere will save you 30 AED (7 EUR / 8 USD) per ticket. 

The cancellation terms are also better. All tours and activities at, including Aquaventure, can be canceled for free until the day before. Tickets purchased directly at Atlantis cannot be canceled. If you don’t use them, you will lose your money. 

Aquaventure Ticket Hack 2: beat dynamic pricing at Atlantis

Atlantis Aquaventure ticket prices are official ‘subject to seasonal pricing.’ With those words, Aquaventure explains how ticket prices can differ from day to day. Last year, while in Dubai, we discovered that these price swings are never in your favor. 

While Aquaventure uses dynamic pricing, most resellers of entry tickets do not. Tickets through GetYourGuide are sold for the same price regardless of the season or day of the week. This can save you serious money. For example, we have seen tickets sold for AED 319 compared to AED 269 at resellers. This hack could save you 50 AED per ticket (12 EUR, 13.5 USD).

Check the difference yourself. The orange button brings you to GetYourGuide, the grey one to Atlantis’ official website.

Aquaventure Ticket Hack 3: Atlantis is free on your birthday!

We believe this is the best possible Aquaventure hack there is. If it’s your birthday, Aquaventure welcomes you for free. You can also bring friends and family who will be getting a very nice discount of 20%. You can sign up for the free access pass directly at Aquaventure. Resellers do not offer this fantastic birthday gift! 

Aquaventure Ticket Hack 4: UAE residents get a significant discount

If you live in the United Arab Emirates, you can save serious money at Atlantis Aquaventure. This discount can only be used by booking directly at Atlantis. The deal isn’t available through resellers. Residents will need to bring an original form of identification, no copies, to prove their residency. 

Aquaventure Ticket Hack 5: season pass if you go multiple days (UAE residents only)

Be aware! Although not completely clear on the Atlantis website, this hack is only valid for UAE residents. Are you planning to go to Atlantis’ Aquaventure for more days than just one? In that case, you are much better of buying a season pass for AED 399. Which is much below the price of two single-day tickets. In addition, Atlantis offers an annual pass that is sold for AED 990, valid for 365 from the purchase date.

Aquaventure Ticket Hack 6: buy Atlantis’ Aquaxpress access through a Dubai adventure card!

If you plan more activities than only Atlantis Aquaventure, you can save serious money. There are multiple Dubai Cards where you can purchase access to numerous activities with one card. For example, the Dubai iVenture Card allows you to pick three activities from a list of selected activities. With the iVenture Dubai Flexi Attraction Pass, you can combine Atlantis with a desert safari, the Dubai Frame, Legoland, Burj Khalifa, and much more.  

The pass gets cheaper if you buy more activities. But even at the minimal number of activities, which is three, you pay AED 525. You will be paying AED 448 / 3 = 175 AED per activity. This could save you up to 124 AED on access to Atlantis. This would save you serious money for a family of two adults and three kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we have started making posts about Aquaventure, we received lots of questions. Let us answer the most common questions out there.

How much are the ticket prices at Atlantis Aquaventure?

Ticket prices at Atlantis’ Aquaventure are based on so-called dynamic pricing. That means that the water park adjusts its pricing based on availability. In short: you will have to pay more on crowded days, when demand is high, and pay less on quieter days when demand is lower. You can bypass dynamic pricing by buying through a reseller like GetYourGuide.

Does Atlantis’ Aquaventure have dynamic ticket pricing?

Yes, Atlantis has dynamic ticket pricing. They refer to it as ‘seasonal pricing.’ The day pass can be as low as AED 299 (adult) but will be more expensive on busier days. You can bypass dynamic pricing by buying through an authorized reseller like GetYourGuide.

Are tickets at Atlantis Aquaventure refundable?

Whether tickets at Atlantis’ Aquaventure are refundable depends on where you have purchased the tickets. Tickets directly purchased at Atlantis cannot be canceled or adjusted. You will lose your money if you have to cancel.

Resellers often have far better terms and conditions than Atlantis. For example, tickets purchased through GetYourGuide can be canceled for free up until 24 hours before the start of your tour or activity.

Is Aquaventure free on your birthday?

Yes! If it’s the day of your birthday, you can enter the park for free. Your guests will get a nice discount of 20%.

Do UAE residents get a discount for Atlantis’ Aquaventure?

Yes! UAE residents get a discount of up to 40% at Aquaventure. This discount can only be used to book your tickets directly at Atlantis. The deal isn’t available through resellers.

Can you buy season or annual passes at Atlantis Aquaventure?

If you are a UAE resident, you can benefit from very attractively priced season tickets at Aquaventure. You can find more information on the Atlantis website.

Is the Atlantis Aquaxpress fast track pass worth it?

The Aquaxpress pass is expensive, but we believe it is worth your money. We wrote an extensive blog about Aquaxpress

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