What is Avoid-Crowds.com?

Avoid-Crowds.com shows tourists when their favorite destinations are likely to be crowded. By combining different publicly available tourism data, we know when tourist hotspots are likely to become busy.

Why is the Avoid Crowds Score sometimes a BETA release?

Outside Europe, we are still learning. We don’t know if we currently use the best way to calculate the score. We will evaluate how it is calculated at the end of 2019 and might improve or adjust it. Any feedback is welcome.

What is the Avoid Crowds Score?

The Avoid Crowds Score is a ranking that shows you how busy it is expected to be. With a score from 1 to 100 we predict crowds. We take all available tourism data into consideration when calculating the Avoid Crowds score. 

We take local and international travel patterns into consideration. For example, German tourists like to travel to Palma de Mallorca. Therefore, the Avoid Crowds score of Palma de Mallorca is more influenced by German tourism patterns than travel patterns of tourists in Luxembourg. 

How is the Avoid Crowds Score calculated?

We take all available tourism data into consideration and predict when it’s busy. We rank busy days from 1 to 100. We take the size of the city, available hotel beds and other tourism related data into consideration. The score is calculated on a city to city basis. That means a score of 50 in one city is not comparable to a score of 50 in another. 

We source our data based on availability and needs. Some of our data, such as public holidays and school vacations, are sourced through official government websites. Other data, such as local events, is based on desk research. 

How should I interpret the daily crowd predictor?

You can make your own analysis by looking at the basic data. You can use our beta crowds score. The basic data shows you what factors are likely to contribute to how busy the city will be. You can make your own interpretation by looking at the overview of school vacations, public holidays and cruise ship movements. Keep in mind that domestic tourism is the biggest contributor to how busy a city will be.

The Avoid-Crowds.com Score takes all these ‘basic data’ points into consideration and summarizes it in a simple score from 1 to 100. In peak season, it is likely that all days are considered busy and they will all have a score of 100.

Domestic tourism is the largest contributor of travel in Europe. Except for Luxembourg, most hotel stays are from tourists on vacation in their own country. Therefore, local public holidays and national school vacations are the main contributors to how crowded a city will be.

How are cities selected?

Our cities are chosen based on desk research. When selecting our cities, we looked at Europe’s busiest cruise ports and most popular tourist destinations. We started with about 30 destinations and will slowly add new ones.

The Avoid-Crowds.com Score takes all these ‘basic data’ points into consideration and summarizes it in a simple score from 1 to 100. In peak season, it is likely that all days are considered busy and they will all have a score of 100.

Cities will be added one by one. Each addition requires lots of research. In 2020 we will limit the number of cities to about 100. In 2021 we aim to increase our list to 200 European tourist destinations.

How reliable is the data?

We put a lot of effort into getting our data right. However, we have to rely on external data sources which are available in many different languages. Therefore, we can only promise we do our best. We cannot guarantee that our data is correct. No rights can be derived from this publication 

You can report errors by sending us an e-mail including a screenshot of the error to info@avoid-crowds.com

Can I publish the data on my website?

Our work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative License (CC BY-ND 4.0). You can copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format for any purpose, even commercially. You can do this as long as proper attribution, including a link to Avoid-Crowds.com, is given. Remixing, transforming or building upon the material is not allowed. You can find more information here: CreativeCommons.org.

You can get access to our REST API by visiting our developers page. If you are interested, please reach out to us by sending an e-mail to info@avoid-crowds.com

How can I contact Avoid Crowds?

You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you prefer e-mail, info@avoid-crowds.com is the easiest way to reach us. Our Privacy Policy can be found here

Who is behind Avoid Crowds?

Mandy & Hans Schrama. A Dutch expat couple living in Salzburg, Austria. We experienced overtourism first hand. Unfortunately, it was very hard to find decent information about when a destination is likely to be busy. This website is our attempt to contribute.

Why the name Avoid Crowds?

It is our goal to help tourists avoid places that are too crowded. We want to help people avoid crowds. Easy right? 

What is Avoid Crowds standpoint on Overtourism? 

We believe overtourism can have lots of negative effects. Livability and the environment can suffer a lot by too much tourism. On the other hand, we also believe you cannot stop tourists from visiting the most exciting cultural and natural wonders of the world. You cannot stop tourists from coming. Therefore, we want to help the international travel industry and local governments by mitigating the effects of over tourism. Our website is there to help. We want to help spread tourism over time and throughout cities. We help tourism spread over time by showing people when to expect crowds, by offering viable alternatives and by helping a little in informing people how (not) to behave. 

How are the displayed ads chosen?

We currently display ads from GetYourGuide.com and Google Adsense. GetyourGuide ads are focused on the city which you are looking at. If you for example look at a blog or the crowd predictions for Barcelona, you will see ads for that destination. The exact ads shown are not within our control. Google’s ads are not within our control. We are aware that this approach could potentially lead to seemingly conflicting ads: where we promote alternative tourist attractions, but still show the most common attraction. Another example would be a cruise ad embedded in an article in which we are sceptical about cruise crowds. 

How can I cooperate with Avoid-Crowds?

We are always interested to hear good ideas. You can find us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. If you prefer e-mail, info@avoid-crowds.com is the easiest way to reach us.