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In spring 2024, Venice will introduce an Entry Fee for day visitors, a policy aimed at managing the city’s tourism. This initiative marks a significant step by the municipality to address the challenges of overtourism. However, the effectiveness of this method and its impact on the tourist experience are subjects of ongoing debate. In this blog post, we uncover a major loophole that will prove the critics of the entry fee right, if not addressed!

Our aim is to highlight a significant oversight within the system, not to encourage misuse or take sides. We’re focusing on bringing this issue to light for the purpose of fostering discussions around practical solutions. By shedding light on this oversight, we hope to accelerate the closure of this loophole, thereby aiding in the prevention of potential fraud in the future.

Taking a Closer Look at the Exemption Loophole

Venice’s Entry Fee system has a loophole that’s pretty straightforward, but potentially messy: anyone can claim they’re staying at a hotel and get a free QR code, no proof of booking needed. This setup, meant to make life easier for visitors, actually opens a backdoor for people who might want to skip the fee without a real hotel booking in their plans. Surprisingly: We wrote about this loophole in early 2020!

However, there’s a catch to getting this free pass. You’ve got to give up some personal info to get that QR code. This step is supposed to act as a safety net, allowing the system to keep tabs on who’s getting these exemptions. However, we were able to generate a free QR code (and canceled it later) with an obvious fake name. But it brings up a big question: is it fair to ask for so much personal info just to prevent a few people from gaming the system?

This whole thing is a bit of a tightrope walk. On one side, you’ve got the need to stop potential cheats in their tracks. On the other, there’s the issue of keeping people’s personal information safe and secure. Where’s the line between being careful and being invasive?

Also, this easy-peasy loophole does more than just make it simple for visitors to claim an exemption. It puts the whole system under the microscope. If it’s this easy to get around the fee, how solid is the system really? For folks who are actually spending their vacation in Venice and supporting local hotels, the process is a breeze. But for the city and those keeping an eye on its coffers, there’s a worry that too many might slip through the net without paying their share.

So, while the idea was to cut down on red tape and make visiting Venice smoother for the genuine traveler, this loophole could end up inviting more scrutiny into how the system checks who’s really entitled to an exemption. In trying to manage the crowds and keep Venice beautiful for everyone, it’s clear the Entry Fee system has to walk a fine line – making sure it’s easy for visitors without opening the door too wide for misuse.

Why This Loophole Matters

This isn’t just about a few tourists potentially sneaking through without paying; it’s about the integrity of the entire system. If the loophole remains, it undermines the policy’s objective and further complicates an already contentious issue. The solution? A tighter, more foolproof method is needed—one that can’t be easily sidestepped with just a hotel name.

To help travelers navigate this complicated terrain, we’ve created two widgets that break down the Entry Fee system into understandable parts. Check out our guide for a deeper dive: Venice Entry Fee: How It Works & Two Widgets.

The Impracticality of Enforcing the Loophole

Attempting to police the loophole in Venice’s Entry Fee system is not just a Herculean task—it’s practically unfeasible. To effectively check each QR code for fraud would mean verifying every exemption against actual hotel bookings. This process isn’t just slow; it’s glacial, threatening to create massive lines and waiting times that could stretch across the city. Such a bottleneck is antithetical to the smooth tourist experience Venice aims to offer and could ironically turn the city into the very theme park it seeks to avoid.

Mayor Brugnaro’s assertion that “There is no tax without controls” (see below) hits a snag here. If the essence of taxing is in its enforcement, then a system that creates impractical checkpoints and long waits fails its own criterion. This glaring enforcement challenge underscores the critical need for a system redesign. Without a practical means to verify exemptions swiftly, the Entry Fee system risks becoming an unwieldy tool, far removed from its intended purpose of managing overtourism effectively and efficiently.

Excemption Voucher Generated Without an Actual Hotel Booking

We tested the loophole ourselves. The voucher and code in the image was generated for free without an actual hotel booking. Although the voucher has been cancelled by us, we witnessed ourselves how easy it is to exploit this loophole. 

Example of Venice Access Fee Exemption Access QR Codea

Thinking About a Better Way

Venice already has a streamlined process for locals to obtain QR codes, indicating that the city is no stranger to managing exemptions efficiently. Why not extend this convenience to hotel bookings as well? Picture this: upon confirming your accommodation, the hotel provides you with an exemption code directly. Should your plans change and you cancel your booking, the code automatically becomes invalid. This approach not only simplifies verification but also aligns closely with whether you genuinely intend to stay in Venice or not.

Adopting this method could significantly tighten security, deterring potential misuse while enhancing the visitor experience for genuine tourists. Hotels would take on the responsibility of issuing exemption codes, relieving tourists of the cumbersome process of submitting extensive personal details and navigating complex application systems, including that peculiar phone verification step. Guests would enjoy a seamless process: secure a hotel booking, receive your exemption code, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Venice, worry-free. Should you cancel, the system resets effortlessly.

This streamlined approach presents a win-win situation: it closes the loophole effectively, reducing the need for the vast amounts of personal information currently required, and simplifies the tourist experience. It’s a strategic move that not only safeguards Venice’s interests by ensuring compliance but also respects and values the time and privacy of its visitors.

Reflecting on a System Under Scrutiny

The Venice Entry Fee experiment is still unfolding, and its full impact on the cityscape, its dwellers, and the hordes of tourists it aims to regulate is yet to be fully realized. This discussion isn’t just academic; it’s a call to action for a city grappling with the double-edged sword of its own popularity. The loophole we’ve discussed is a testament to the complexity of creating a fair, enforceable system that doesn’t detract from the magic of Venice.

We’ve always been upfront about the challenges of the Entry Fee system, advocating for a solution that’s both effective and respectful of visitors’ rights and experiences. As we’ve outlined before, and still stand by, ensuring the system is loophole-free is critical for its success. Dive back into our early analysis for more insights: Venice Day-Tripper Tax: The Challenges.

Venice is at a crossroads, with its approach to managing tourism closely watched by cities worldwide. For a policy steeped in controversy, closing this loophole isn’t just an improvement; it’s essential. Without it, the system risks being dismissed as broken, no matter how noble its intentions.

Our message to Mayor Luidi Brugnaro: happy to be your Batman

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro’s comments to the international press, specifically his light-hearted “Batman” analogy, have ironically inspired this very blog post. His depiction of an almost fortress-like Venice, impervious to day-trippers dodging the entry fee, has brought us here. If navigating Venice’s Entry Fee system requires no superhero antics but merely filling out a form, then perhaps it’s the system, not the visitor, that needs a cape.

In jest, the mayor suggested he’d be unimpressed by anyone’s “Batman” efforts to bypass the fee, marking them not with a medal but with fines. So, in the spirit of that same playful banter, we offer our insights into the loophole within Venice’s Entry Fee system. If being forthright about these oversights is considered rudeness, then Mayor Brugnaro, consider this our contribution to the dialogue. We do so with the hope that highlighting this gap can lead to a more secure and effective system.

So here’s to hoping that in the grand scheme of protecting Venice from the impacts of overtourism, our “rudeness” in pointing out this loophole is something Mayor Brugnaro can appreciate. After all, it’s in the pursuit of preserving the unparalleled charm and beauty of Venice for everyone—residents and respectful visitors alike. Mayor, you can thank us later.

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