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European club football can make European cities unexpectedly crowded. With our handy overview of play dates and affected cities it’s easy to avoid football crowds by picking the right days. Our overview of club football games has also been incorporated in the avoid crowds score for the affected cities.

We incorporated both Europa League and Champions League football. Qualifiers for the UEFA 2020 European Championship have not been added. These games however bring a different kind of fans. The impact of club football fans is usually much bigger on cities than those supporting their countries.

European football 2019

wdt_IDCityTeamCompetitionGroupOpponentsCrowded days
1AmsterdamAjaxChampions LeagueGroup HChelsea, Valencia, LOSC17-09-19 Lille 23-10-19 Chelsea 10-12-19 Valencia
2AthensOlympiakosChampions LeagueGroup BBayern, Tottenham, Crvena zvezda18-09-19 Tottenham 22-10-19 Bayern 11-12-19 Crvena zvezda
3BarcelonaEspanyolEuropa LeagueGroup HLudogorets, CSKA Moskva, Ferencváros19-09-19 Ferencváros 06-11-19 Ludogorets 12-12-19 CSKA Moskva
4BarcelonaFC BarcelonaChampions LeagueGroup FDortmund, Internazionale, Slavia Praha02-10-19 Internazionale 05-11-19 Slavia Praha 27-11-19 Dortmund
5BrugesClub BruggeChampions LeagueGroup APSG, Real Madrid, Galatasaray18-09-19 Galatasaray 22-10-19 PSG 11-12-19 Real Madrid
6CopenhagenKøbenhavnEuropa LeagueGroup BDynamo Kyiv, Malmö, Lugano19-09-19 Lugano 06-11-19 Dynamo Kyiv 12-12-19 Malmö
7LisbonSporting CPEuropa LeagueGroup DPSV, Rosenborg, LASK03-10-19 LASK 24-10-19 Rosenborg 28-11-19 PSV
8LisbonBenficaChampions LeagueGroup GZenit, Lyon, RB Leipzig17-09-19 RB Leipzig 23-10-19 Lyon 10-12-19 Zenit
9LondonArsenalEuropa LeagueGroup FEintracht Frankfurt, Standard Liège, Vitória SC02-10-19 Standard Liège 24-10-19 Vitória SC 28-11-19 Eintracht Frankfurt
10LondonTottenhamChampions LeagueGroup BBayern, Olympiacos, Crvena zvezda01-10-19 Bayern 22-10-19 Srvena zvezda 26-11-19 Olympiakos
CityTeamCompetitionGroupOpponentsCrowded days

Stay out of trouble

Some games might bring violence to cities as supporters are reported to clash with each other and/or the police. Most European clubs don’t have problems with hooligans anymore but each year some riots errupt. Simply keep away from the fans of the visiting club and the area around the stadium will mean that you are safe. Also don’t wear the football jersey around opposing fans. Wearing a jersey from a rival team, even when they are not playing, could get you in eerie situations.

To keep order during high risk games, local authorities can put emergency regulations in place. These might include a temporary ban on alcohol in some parts of the cities or (random) frisking of people in certain areas. Also good to know is that some fan groups march from the city center to the stadium, it is smart to keep away from this.

Club football can cause traffic jams

European football can also cause traffic in cities to come to a stand still. Traffic jams around the stadium, fan marches and city centers are to be expected. If you have to catch a flight or train, it is smart to take this into consideration. Leave earlier or go on foot.

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