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Tourists are flocking to Arizona. According to local state news, the state is resurgent in the tourism stakes, recovering at a rate much higher than elsewhere in the country. There are many obvious reasons to visit the state, whether it’s for the incredible natural views offered by the likes of the Grand Canyon, or the rich cultural tapestry of the greater Phoenix area. Given the size of the state, there are few better ways to get around than on a road trip – pretty much every place you stop off will be worthwhile. First, though, consider safety.

Keeping the road safe

For people enthusiastic about the act of driving itself, Arizona is a fantastic place to be. There are numerous motorsport tracks, and the Phoenix International Roadway is one of the best in the world. What’s more, the state is a hotbed of innovation, with Arizona one of only a few states hosting self-driving car testing. However, Arizona can be dangerous for driving itself, and is set to receive millions to improve the road systems, according to Arizona Family. In the meantime, driving carefully and having access to an auto accident lawyer should assist.

Making an itinerary

An itinerary is key. Phoenix is huge, but so is Tucson and the Hopi Reservation. When it comes to nature, the Grand Canyon National Park and Kofa National Wildlife Refuge are equally massive, and require planning. Give yourself enough time, especially if getting on the road, and make sure you leave daily plans with a trusted friend or your accommodation provider.

Hidden gems

Beneath the stunning vista of Arizona are a number of experiences that can get lost beneath the surface. The Crazy Tourist recommends a few, but particularly interesting are the “Fireflies” The Yayoi Kusama Infinity Room, Phoenix, a stunning art experiment; the Domes, in Casa Grande, an intriguing derelict site made for computer manufacturing; and the Pumpkin Spring Pool, Littlefield, a stunning but curious natural hot spring that must only be admired from a distance – its naturally occurring waters are the most poisonous in the state.

Arizona has something to offer people from all sorts of backgrounds, but it’s hot and busy environments can be daunting. Prepare fully, do your research, and enjoy a road trip around one of the sunniest states anywhere in the country.

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