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In August, a maximum total of 120,000 cruise passengers will arrive in Dubrovnik. August 22, is Dubrovnik’s busiest cruise day as five ships will bring in almost 10,000 passengers. The biggest ship arriving in Dubrovnik this month is the MSC Musica. The MSC operated cruise ship calls upon Dubrovnik once a week bringing just over 3,000 passengers a shore every time.

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August means peak season in Europe. It will be busy in Dubrovnik no matter what cruise ship is in port. However, cruise ships arrivals will make it even busier. Use our daily crowd prediction to get an overview of vacations, public holidays and cruise ship arrivals. You can access our daily crowd prediction here.

Dubrovnik August Cruise

wdt_IDDateArrival timeDeparture timeShipMax passengersCrew
201.08.1913:0020:00MSC Sinfonia2.340721
301.08.1908:0017:00Marella Discovery2.074760
401.08.19Marella Celebration1.350520
502.08.1909:0015:00MSC Musica3.0601.014
602.08.19Viking Star930465
703.08.1907:3013:30Norwegian Star2.8131.084
803.08.1907:0013:00Costa Deliziosa2.7121.050
904.08.1909:0023:59ms Veendam1.620588
1004.08.1908:0016:00Oceania Sirena803375

Over 120,000 passengers will arrive in Dubrovnik in August. Accompanied by over 40,000 crew members, you can imagine the impact on a town that only has about 42,000 inhabitants. You can check our daily crowd prediction for Dubrovnik on the special page, dedicated to the Croatian town. Meanwhile, the cruise schedule for Dubrovnik for the full year of 2019 can be accessed here.

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