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The table below shows you exactly which cruise ship will visit Dubrovnik on what day. Our overview also includes passengers numbers and the number of crew members on the ship. If available, our overview will also show you what time the ship is scheduled to arrive and depart. Use the date filter to select your dates. The overview will automatically calculate the number of total crew and total passenger numbers based on your filters.

Dubrovnik 2020 cruise schedule

wdt_IDDateArrival timeDeparture timeShipMax passengersCrew
104.01.2008:0014:00Costa Deliziosa2.7121.050
224.03.2007:0013:00Costa Luminosa2.7121.050
329.03.20Viking Sky930465
403.04.2007:0014:00MSC Sinfonia2.340721
503.04.20Viking Sea930465
604.04.2008:0014:00Costa Luminosa2.7121.050
708.04.2008:0017:00Costa Mediterranea2.537920
809.04.2009:0018:00MSC Sinfonia2.340721
909.04.20Viking Sea930465
∑ = 20.643 ∑ = 7.514

We also have daily crowd predictions for Dubrovnik. This overview takes more data into consideration than only cruise passengers numbers. In addition, you can access Croatia´s public holidays and school vacations. For more interesting facts about Dubrovnik also scroll further down than the table.

2020 Dubrovnik cruise numbers

In 2020, a total of 54 cruise ships are scheduled to arrive in Dubrovnik´s port. These 54 cruise ships will visit Dubrovnik 398 times. In total, these 398 visits will bring 938,512 cruise passengers and 330,749 crew members to the city. In our overview of Europe´s busiest cruise ports ships in 2020, Dubrovnik ranks 12th. The number slightly differs as we filter out smaller ships in this overview.

Despite measures taken by local authorities and the CLIA to cap the number of arriving cruise passengers, there will be a 20% increase in number of arriving cruise passengers. As a result, Dubrovnik jumps four places in our list of Europe´s busiest cruise destinations.

Cruise ship docked in Dubrvnik
Cruise ship docked in Dubrvnik

Dubrovnik’s 2020 busiest cruise month

Dubrovnik will see most cruise passengers coming to town from May until October. Each of these months will see more than 100,000 cruise passengers disembarking in Dubrovnik. October is the busiest cruise month of the year with almost 160,000 cruise passengers. The effect on overtourism is however bigger during Europe´s peak season. The busiest day will be October 24 when more than 10,000 cruise passengers are scheduled to arrive.

During peak season, which starts in the second part of June and finished at the end of August, the city ´welcomes´ about 300,000 cruise passengers. On many days during that period Dubrovnik is set to see arrival numbers go well above 6,000 passengers. Meanwhile, European school vacations will already make Dubrovnik busy.

Cruise ships in Dubrovnik

The biggest ships coming to Dubrovnik in 2020 are the Norwegian Getaway (4,802) and the Enchanted Princess (4,402 passengers). With the Norwegian Getaway scheduled to arrive in Dubrovnik a total of 20 times it will bring most passengers to the town (96,380 passengers). This is closely followed by the Costa Luminosa which is scheduled to arrive 33 times in Dubrovnik carrying 2,712 passenger each time. All this data is displayed in the table below.

You can play with the table below. If you filter by the number of stops and the sum of cruise passenger each ship brings to Dubrovnik, you can clearly see the impact each ship is expected to have. As you can see there are two factors that determine the impact of a ship on Dubrovnik: the size of the ship, measured in cruise passengers, and the number of scheduled arrivals. Size matters but the number of port calls matters as well! The MSC Musica might be big, but its effect on Dubrovnik in 2020 will be small(er).  

Dubrovnik 2020 Cruise Ship arrival details

wdt_IDCruise shipCruise ship max occupancySum of passengersNumber of port calls
1Norwegian Getaway4.81996.38020
2Costa Luminosa2.71289.49633
3MSC Magnifica3.00784.19628
4MSC Orchestra3.06073.44024
6MSC Sinfonia2.34065.52028
7MSC Lirica2.37159.27525
8Norwegian Dawn2.80858.96821
9Marella Celebration1.35035.10026
10Marella Explorer2.68134.85313
Cruise shipCruise ship max occupancySum of passengersNumber of port calls
∑ = 667.228 ∑ = 246

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