AquaVenture at Atlantis is the proud record holder of ‘most waterslides in a waterpark.’ Each of those slides also has a long line with waiting times of up to one hour. While we love the waterpark, we hate the lines. Without a skip-the-line ticket, enjoying all rides in a day will be impossible as you would be spending hours queueing. Luckily, there is a way to skip the line.

AquaVenture has a fast pass system for those willing to pay extra. We wrote earlier that this fast-track system is absolutely worth your money. Especially for those only visiting the waterpark on a single day, a fast pass is a must. Luckily the price has recently been slashed, and AquaXpress has become much more affordable. In August 2023, we wrote an updated post about smart(er) ways to buy tickets to Aquaventure.

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My experience with AquaXpress

I have personally visited the Dubai waterpark on two occasions. My last visit was in 2022. During both visits, I decided to buy the AquaXpress wristband. Atlantis Dubai can be extremely crowded. Upon arrival at the waterpark, I immediately noticed how crowded Aquaventure can get. It gets swamped around lunchtime.

I bought the ticket to Aquaventure online through GetYourGuide. That way, you can cancel your tickets 24 hours in advance. If you buy your tickets online at Atlantis, you have no right to cancel. No matter where you buy your entrance ticket, you can buy the fast pass at the park entrance. Fun fact: Even the line to buy Aquaxpress is shorter than other lines and can easily be recognized by its orange branding. After I got the wristband, I walked into the waterpark and looked for the first slides.

How we recommend buying tickets to Aquaventure

  1. Purchase Aquaventure tickets online with better consumer protection through or
  2. Take a look at how busy the park is when you get there.
  3. Decide on your purchase there.

AquaXpress waiting time vs. regular waiting time

On both occasions, I was shocked by the long lines at the waterpark. Even in the morning, when the park supposedly isn’t too crowded, Atlantis’ signature water slide, Leap of Faith, had a waiting time of over 90 minutes. Luckily, with my AquaXpress wristband, I could walk in with minimal waiting.

Leap of Faith Regular Waiting Time: 90 minutes
Leap of Faith AquaXpress Waiting Time: 5 minutes

The second attraction that I visited was Poseidon’s Revenge. Here we entered a queuing system like airports or major theme parks. The line went up into the Tower of Neptune and the displayed waiting time was 45 minutes. Luckily, we could access the AquaXpress line, which brought us right up to the front of the queue. The only downside was facing the envious looks of those already waiting in line for 45 minutes.

Poseidon’s Revenge Regular Waiting Time: 45 minutes
Poseidon’s Revenge AquaXpress Waiting Time: No waiting time

Lines at water slides further away from the entrance are usually less crowded. The second prominent water slide tower, Trident Tower, is situated furthest away but has extraordinary rides. Here crowds are smaller, but you can find some cool group rides such as Odyssey of Terror, Blackout, Shockwave, and Fortex. Unlike the other towers, waiting times weren’t displayed here, so we had to estimate them. Although waiting times were shorter here, the AquaXpress still helped us save considerable time.

Odyssey of Terror Regular Waiting Time: 30 minutes
Odyssey of Terror AquaXpress Waiting Time: 3 minutes

Shockwave Regular Waiting Time: 25 minutes
Shockwave AquaXpress Waiting Time: 2 minutes

Regular Entry to Aquaventure

Going into the park without fast pass.
AED 350 From
  • Unlimited entrance to the park
  • Cheapest option
  • Long waiting lines

Aquaventure + AquaXpress

Price includes buying the AquaXpress Wristband at the entrance.
AED 745 From
  • Unlimited Rides
  • Skip all lines
  • Best Value for Money

Aquaventure + Lost Chambers Aquarium

You can also add the Atlantis Aquarium to your ticket and benefit from a small discount.
AED 400
  • Includes regular entry ticket
  • Lost Chambers Aquarium
  • Can be combined with AquXpress

How does AquaXpress work?

AquaXpress is Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai’s fast pass system. For an extra fee, you can buy a wristband that gives you access to fast-track lines at each waterslide. With the fast-track lines, you will save considerable time as you can skip the notorious long lines at Aquaventure Dubai.

What are the waiting times at Aquanveture Dubai?

The waiting time depends on the ride and how busy the park is. During peak hours, waiting times at Aquaventure can be well over an hour. With the AquaXpress pass, you can skip all the lines.

Do I need to buy AquaXpress for Atlantis in advance?

There is no need to buy AquaXpress in advance. You can buy AquaXpress fast pass tickets directly at Atlantis on the day of your visit. We recommend buying tickets for the park online and the fast pass at the entrance. You can also look at how bad the crowds are before you decide whether to buy the wristband.

Where can I buy AquaXpress for Atlantis?

You can buy AquaXpress fast pass tickets directly at Atlantis on the day of your visit. There is no need to book AquaXpress in advance. We recommend buying tickets for the park online and the fast pass at the entrance.

You can even buy AquaXpress during the day. If you see the crowds and decide you want to buy the fast pass late, you can. Go to the ticket counter or a staff member, and they will sell you the AquaXpress wristband on the spot.

Christmas holidays extra crowded

If you are visiting Aquaventure during the holiday season, we would not go without an AquaXpress ticket. The lines at the waterpark will be unbearable.

Is Aquaventure crowded?

I have visited the park on two occasions and found it extremely crowded. Basically, all reviews for the park are like this; the park is fantastic, but the crowds are horrible.

Is AquaXpress worth it?

AquaXpress is absolutely worth it! The fast pass system is the only way to enjoy the crowded waterpark. Without the pass, we wouldn’t recommend going to Aquaventure.

However, if you are a hotel guest, you can access the park unlimited during your stay. We recommend going around the opening and closing hours to beat the crowds instead of buying expensive tickets.

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