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Embark on an extraordinary journey through art and technology at Rotterdam’s “Remastered”, a groundbreaking digital art audiovisual experience. Set in the heart of the city, this one-of-a-kind adventure offers a fusion of history and modernity, reimagining the works of the old Dutch Masters through the lens of today’s digital artistry. Prepare to be dazzled by an hour of vibrant colors, immersive scenes, and interactive installations that promise to transform your perception of art. Here’s why you can’t miss out on this mesmerizing spectacle:

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What you can expect at Remastered in Rotterdam

  • 🎨 Immerse Yourself in Masterpieces: Dive into the vivid worlds created by Van Gogh, Jeroen Bosch, and Rembrandt like never before.
  • 🕺 Dance to Historical Beats: Move your feet to the rhythm of Mondrian’s “Victory Boogie Woogie” in a unique audiovisual feast.
  • Interact with Digital Wonders: From creating your own UFO to interacting with schools of fish, experience the magic of digital creativity.
  • 🌉 Breathtaking Views: Enjoy unparalleled views of Rotterdam’s skyline from a terrace under the iconic Erasmus Bridge.
  • 🎮 Play and Create: Unleash your creativity in the digital playground and see your art come alive on Europe’s largest indoor LED screen.
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1. Dive into Digital Reimaginings

Step into “Remastered” and witness the transformation of classic art by the old Dutch Masters through the creative visions of the new Dutch Masters. This unique exhibition offers a bridge between past and present, where the iconic works of Van Gogh, Jeroen Bosch, and Rembrandt are brought to life with a digital twist. The blend of traditional artistry with cutting-edge technology creates a dynamic and immersive experience that captivates both art aficionados and digital enthusiasts alike.

2. The Ultimate Audiovisual Experience

“Remastered” is not just an art exhibition; it’s an immersive multimedia spectacle. With over 1,500 square meters of digital canvas, powered by 60 state-of-the-art projectors and 50 loudspeakers, the experience engulfs visitors in a world of extraordinary sights and sounds. From the rhythmic beats of Mondrian’s “Victory Boogie Woogie” to the interactive floors and walls, every element is designed to challenge your perceptions and spark curiosity.

3. An Interactive Art Playground

Imagine making a UFO fly across a gigantic LED screen or creating digital rain and confetti with the push of a button. “Remastered” offers these unique interactive opportunities, allowing visitors to become digital artists. The playground section encourages you to draw, scan, and watch as your creations become part of Rotterdam’s largest indoor LED display. It’s a place where art meets technology, and everyone is invited to play.

4. Stunning Views and Unique Settings

One of the unexpected delights of “Remastered” is its location under the Erasmus Bridge, offering some of the most stunning views of Rotterdam’s skyline. The journey through digital realms is complemented by real-world beauty, making it a holistic experience that blends the virtual with the physical. Whether you’re walking through digital clouds or admiring the city lights, the setting adds an extra layer of magic to the experience.

5. A New Way to Experience Art

“Remastered” is more than an art show; it’s a revolutionary way to experience and interact with art. By reimagining the works of Dutch Masters through modern digital artistry, it opens up new dialogues about the evolution of art, the role of technology in creativity, and the endless possibilities of digital expression. It’s an invitation to explore, interact, and be inspired in ways that traditional museums can’t offer.

Experience the intersection of art, technology, and imagination at Rotterdam’s “Remastered”. It’s not just an exhibition; it’s a journey through time, art, and digital innovation that promises to leave you in awe.

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